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Dunhill Unique Gold Lighter

photo © Danjaq LLC, United Artists Pictures, United International Pictures
The gold Dunhill lighter in Tomorrow Never Dies
photo © Danjaq LLC, United Artists Pictures, United International Pictures

photo © Bentleys London
A vintage 9 carat gold Dunhill lighter from the 1920s. Bond uses a more modern version of this model in the movie.
photo © Bentleys London

In the pre-title sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) uses a gold Dunhill lighter.

The lighter looks and works like an normal Dunhill Unique Sports lighter, but is modified by Q to work as a grenade. At the terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border, Bond first offers a guard a light with the lighter and then he uses it as a grenade.

The design of this lighter model is very old, from the 1920s, and has hardly changed ever since. The version used by Bond has a wind guard to protect the flame. The model numbers, according to the website, are the Dunhill QL 1402 (used in the shot of Bond lighting the cigarette) and Dunhill QL 2000 Unique Sports Turbo (the lighter laying in the snow), but we haven't found another confirmation of this.

A gold Dunhill lighter like this is currently very hard to find, even on eBay they are rare.

This is not the first time Bond is seen with a Dunhill lighter. He receives a silver Dunhill lighter from Felix Leiter in the movie Licence to Kill (1989).

More Dunhill
In Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond wears a pair of cufflinks and a belt from Dunhill. In The World Is Not Enough (1999) Bond wears two or three pairs of Dunhill cufflinks and in Die Another Day Bond once again wears Dunhill cufflinks.

Dunhill as a brand is also mentioned in some of the Ian Fleming novels. In From Russia With Love a "well-used Dunhill Gold Lighter" is mentioned on the first page as one of the possessions of a dead body. In the 1964 novel You Only Live Twice, Tiger Tanaka uses a "Dunhill filter holder".

Thanks to Bentleys London for the photo

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I was recently given two dunhill lighters. Where can I find fuel for the lighters? I would also like to know the value of each lighter. Thank You, Faye Aylard

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