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Ballantyne Cashmere Sweater

photo © MGM
Bond wearing a Ballantyne Cashmere sweater, an Omega Seamaster watch, and holding a Walter P99
photo © MGM

photo © Bond Lifestyle
A Ballantyne Cashmere sweater owned by a collector
photo © Bond Lifestyle

In the 2002 movie Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, wears a number of products from Scottish firm Ballantyne.

He stays warm in Graves' ice palace thanks to his chunky charcoal grey turtleneck sweater (and some action and hot girls as well).

The sweater was made specifically for 007, and Ballantyne sold the same sweater in its store on Bond Street, London and selected stockists.

UPDATE 2019: N.Peal now offers a re-imagined version of this sweater in their officially licensed 007 Cashmere Collection, which comes with 007 labels and packaging.

In the same film, Bond girl Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike) wears a frost grey boucle cashmere polo selected from the Ballantyne Cashmere Autumn Winter 2002/2003 collection.

About Ballantyne
Founded in 1921 in the small Scottish town of Innerleithen, Ballantyne Cashmere is a prestigious men's knitwear label which uses only first-rate natural cashmere yarns. Ballentyne Cashmere buys raw cashmere fibre from goat herds in Inner Mongolia and spins the yarn in Scotland. The meticulous care that goes into the selection of raw materials, crafted into everything from chunky cable knit pullovers to cashmere cardigans, has remained a stalwart hallmark of the label throughout its history. Dawson International, which currently owns the Ballantyne Cashmere brand, is based in Kinross, Tayside. The group now has a new Italian design and marketing team for its Ballantyne brand.  

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wow , i like almost all the gadgets of bnd specially his aston martin car and his omega watch ..... But before all of this i m a big fan of bond movies ..... Still waiting for his 23rd upcoming movie .........

Where can I buy this sweater I've been looking everywhere for it!?!

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Connolly x 007