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New SPYSCAPE podcast investigates disappearance of James Bond DB5

19 August, 2021

A new SPYSCAPE podcast series will investigate the disappearance of an Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sir Sean Connery in Goldfinger. A $100,000 reward is offered for the information that leads to the car that is now believed to be worth over $25m.

Aston Martin DB5 The Great James Bond Car Robbery Spyscape

“The wheels skid on the tarmac as one-and-a-half tons of beautiful British engineering are dragged up a ramp and into the cargo bay of the plane. Within minutes, the most recognizable car in the world will be 15,000 feet up in the sky above Florida.”

So begins The Great James Bond Car Robbery podcast series and the treasure hunt that has puzzled investigators for almost 25 years. The DB5 was thought to be in the Middle East a few years back, but was that a hard lead or a desert mirage? Decide for yourself when the clues are laid bare starting in Episode One: Perfect Getaway.

The gadget-laden vehicle, one of the most recognisable in film history, belonged to Florida real estate developer Anthony Pugliese III when it vanished without trace from an aircraft hangar in 1997.

Aston Martin DB5 GoldenEye Spyscape

SPYSCAPE’s New York HQ features the DB5 driven by Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye

Connery’s DB5 is as famous as the spy who drove it. The vehicle with the chassis tag DP/216/1 was loaded with gadgets: it is fitted with an ejector seat, machine guns, tire-shredding blades, and deadly gadgetry.

Aston Martin DB5 The Great James Bond Car Robbery Spyscape gadgets

The car, now thought to be worth more than $25m (£18.2m), has not been seen since.

The mystery will be explored in the eight-part podcast series, presented by Hollywood icon Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers, Inspector Morse, The Royals). The series features interviews with celebrities including The Who’s legendary Roger Daltrey who takes us back to his own Aston Martin DB5.

Elizabeth Hurley presents the Aston Martin DB5 robbery podcast

Elizabeth Hurley presents the DB5 podcast

Celebrated car designer Carlo Borromeo and Christopher A. Marinello, an investigator who specializes in recovering stolen treasures, share their theories alongside investigative journalists, lawyers, and even professional thieves.

The DB5 investigators also answer intriguing questions. How was the robbery staged? Why weren’t the alarms triggered? Why didn’t the guards witness anything? And did a team of professional thieves really fly a plane loaded with the world’s most famous car into the Florida sky without attracting attention?

The theft of 007’s 1963 DB5 is one of the great capers of the 20th century, so join SPYSCAPE as they chase down the clues in The Great James Bond Car Robbery podcast series starting August 18, 2021 on Apple and all major podcast channels.

For the podcast visit Apple Podcasts, for more information on SPYSCAPE visit

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