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Pierce Brosnan brand ambassador for Pan Bahar

07 October, 2016

James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is the new brand ambassador for Indian brand Pan Bahar, "the world's most expensive pan masala".

An advertising campaign was launched on Friday (00)7 October 2016, including ads, banners and a video commercial.

pierce brosnan pan bahar masala crystal brand ambassador

Teaser image from the Pan Bahar website

Brosnan, with full beard, dressed in a tuxedo, promotes pan masala and crystals with "Class never goes out of style" and "Pehchan Kamyabi Ki" (the mark of success).

pierce brosnan pan bahar masala crystal brand ambassador ad

Pan Masala is an after-meal mouth freshener in the form of seeds and contains the Areca nut (supari) which is very addictive, in the league of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol when it comes to addictive properties.

pierce brosnan pan bahar masala ad

Pierce Brosnan in an ad for Pan Bahar "The Heritage" Pan Masala

Brosnan also promoted the Pan Bahar Crystal, a "pan masala for the elite class" according to the Pan Bahar website.

pan bahar pierce brosnan ambassador

Pierce Brosnan promoting Pan Bahar Crystal

In the Pan Bahar ads, Pierce Brosnan seems to be wearing a Speake-Marin watch, a brand for which he is also an brand ambassador. Other brands Brosnan promoted include fashion brand Aquascutum, Visa credit cardsSagres beerSpar supermarkets and Kia Cars (2015).

Pan Bahar's pan masala is a composition of Betelnut, Lime, Catechu, Cardamom seeds, sandal wood oil, Kewara and many rare flavouring substances.

pan masala

Pan Masala, an after dinner freshener

Watch the bearded Pierce Brosnan drive a McLaren 650S and fight off the baddies with a can of Pan Bahar in this one minute tv commercial:

The campaign was created by DDB Mudra, India's first and largest integrated marketing communications and services network.

"Our choice of Pierce Brosnan as brand ambassador for Pan Bahar is in line with our campaign idea of 'Pehchan Kamyabi Ki' (the mark of success). Thanks to his previous avatar as James Bond, Mr Brosnan is seen the world over as a symbol of sophistication, suavity and success. And Pan Bahar, as his choice, reflects that aspiration in the consumer base we were targeting," said Sambit Mohanty of DDB Mudra.

Apparently the Pan Bahar commercial was shot in Texas, where Brosnan currently also has been shooting for his role in the new AMC series The Son, a multi-generational epic tale of the story of America’s birth as a superpower through the bloody rise and fall of one Texas family. Brosnan will play Eli, the charismatic patriarch of the McCullough family, hence the beard. Follow the fun Brosnan has in Texas via his Instagram page.

Pierce Brosnan The Son AMC

For more information on Pan Bahar, visit Pan Bahar.

For more about The Son, visit the AMC website.

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