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More Heineken James Bond No Time To Die commercials with Daniel Craig

21 January, 2020

After we reported on a short Heineken 0.0 commercial, Heineken has released two more James Bond TV commercials featuring Daniel Craig for regular Heineken beer.

The commercials give a fresh perspective on Daniel Craig’s iconic portrayal of James Bond. Focussing on the premise that Daniel Craig will always be James Bond in the eyes of fans around the world. Starting with a high-speed sequence in a taxi, Daniel Craig is constantly recognised as James Bond by surprised locals as he hunts down his missing passport. The new commercial launches worldwide today.

The TV commercials will be shown in over 75 countries.

The longer commercials are for the regular Heineken, not the 0.0 alcohol free version.

There is one original 7 minute version, which can be seen on Instagram (thanks to Noi at AJB007 and JamesBondAustralia).

The long tv version is 2 minutes.

A shorter version of the same concept, in one minute:

And the short version is just Daniel Craig at the bar and has a different 'story' to fit the Heineken 0.0 alcohol free beer:

Heineken’s partnership with the Bond franchise stretches back over 20 years, to Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

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