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N.Peal James Bond 007 60th Anniversary collection


N.Peal has revealed their James Bond 007 60th Anniversary collection, available online now.

In celebration of 60 years of the James Bond film franchise, N.Peal has reimagined some of the spy's most iconic and memorable looks in cashmere, whilst revisiting their signature styles that were not just inspired by Bond, but worn by the secret agent in SkyFall (2012), SPECTRE (2015) and No Time To Die (2021).

Goldfinger V-Neck Cashmere Sweater and Grey Polo shirt

Inspired by the burgundy Slazenger golf jumper worn by James Bond during the golf match with Auric Goldfinger.

james bond goldfinger golf sweater hat

The N.Peal 007 Cashmere V-Neck Sweater (£325) features a logo inspired by the Bond family coat of arms on the chest.

npeal goldfinger golf sweater coat of arms

The N.Peal 007 Cashmere V-Neck Sweater is available for £325 / $450 at N.Peal.

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And you can combine the sweater with the N.Peal 007 Grey Short Sleeve Polo (85% cotton, 15% cashmere) to complete the golf match look.


Moonraker Jacket and Sweater

The first pieces are inspired by Bond's outfit in the Moonraker sequence when James Bond finds himself in a free fall battle for a parachute when the plane’s pilot decides to exit mid-flight. Having secured the parachute he then narrowly escapes the assassin, Jaws, mid-air before heading for a smooth landing.

npeal moonraker jacket sweater

N.Peal offers a cashmere Milano Jacket in the color Navy (£895 / $1250) and an Ivory White Roll Neck sweater (£325 / $450) to complete the look.

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You Only Live Twice Roll Neck Sweater

In You Only Live Twice, James Bond wears a grey roll neck sweater when he is captured by Blofeld whilst attempting to board his space rocket. Blofeld proceeds to explain to Bond his masterplan to start a global war.

you only live twice grey roll neck sweater james bond npeal

N.Peal's recreation stays fairly true to the original with a cotton (85%) and cashmere (15%), smoke grey roll neck (£250 / $325).

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Goldfinger Three-Piece Suit

N.Peal has dared to recreate one of Bond's most iconic tailored suits: the three-piece grey suit worn in Goldfinger.

npeal three piece grey suit goldfinger

The original suit was created by Anthony Sinclair for Sean Connery, and made from Prince of Wales pattern and the signature Conduit Cut with its distinctive 'hourglass' shape.

goldfinger three piece suit recreation by npeal

The N.Peal suit (£1,195 / $1,690) stays true to the original with similar notched lapels, pockets and vest.

To complete the Goldfinger look, N.Peal also offers a black knitted cashmere tie (£95 / $135).

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The Man With The Golden Gun Scaramanga Island Check Jacket

An original wardrobe choice is the check jacket worn by James Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974), when he meets with Scaramanga on his private island.

man with golden gun check jacket roger moore npeal

The woven check jacket (£595 / $830) is made from 69% wool,16% silk, 13% linen, 2% polyamide and features a similar (but not the same) red check pattern. The shape of the jacket has been updated with smaller lapels to make it less 1970s.

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Dr. No overcoat

In the first James Bond film Dr. No, 007 wears a navy overcoat when he enters Universal Exports after leaving the casino. He hangs his coat on Moneypenny's coat rack.

james bond overcoat dr no

The coat in the film has a velvet collar and blue silk lining.

overcoat npeal

N.Peal's Midnight Navy Overcoat (£795 / $1,120) inspired by Bond's coat is made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere.

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Dr. No Nehru jacket

Another original wardrobe choice is the Nehru jacket worn by Bond in Dr. No's lair. The jacket is provided to Bond by Dr. No so they can dine in style.

Nehru Jacket james bond npeal

The Nehru jacket with its typical Mandarin collar and shorter length were also made popular in the 1960s by The Beatles who wore several variations of the Nehru jacket.

N.Peal's Nehru jacket (£495 / $690) is Navy Blue, 90% wool and 10% cashmere, with a Mandarin collar and front buttons and pocket for a pocket square.

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The Spy Who Loved Me Dinner Jacket

In The Spy Who Loved Me, James Bond wears a tuxedo which gets a lot of screentime in the Egypt scenes. Bond stars wearing the suit with double-breasted, peak lapel jacket in the nightclub, and he still wears the next day during the confrontation with Jaws at the Karnak temple ruins, the boat ride, all the way up to when he reaches the hidden laboratory of Q.

npeal dinner jacket spy who loved me

N.Peal has taken some liberties re-imagining the dinner jacket as a 100% cotton Midnight Navy, single-breasted jacket with peaked lapels (£995 / $1,390).

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Goldfinger Dinner Jacket

In the opening scene of the movie Goldfinger, James Bond infiltrates the oil storage depot where Mr. Ramirez has his drug lab and plants a bomb. Casually slipping off his wetsuit to reveal a full dinner suit he enters a local bar, ignoring the subsequent explosion minutes later.

goldfinger white dinner jacket npeal recreation

N.Peal recreated the white dinner suit jacket with peaked lapels, made from 96% wool and 4% elastane (£995 / $1,390).

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Of course N.Peal also still offers the following classics that were actually worn in the movies SkyFall, SPECTRE and No Time To Die:

npeal skyfall sweaterspectre npeal blue

spectre npealarmy sweater npeal

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For the latest 007 Collection and pieces from earlier Bond collections, visit the N.Peal website.

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