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Stunning Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me tribute car for sale

18 August, 2021

A white Lotus Esprit S1, made to look like the Esprit seen in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, is now exclusively offered for sale via Bond Lifestyle. UPDATE: this car has been sold.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me tribute car for sale

The Lotus Esprit S1 "The Spy Who Loved Me" tribute car for sale

This is a unique opportunity to own a Lotus Esprit that looks exactly like the movie car, including an almost identical registration plate, and signatures of Caroline Munro and the late Sir Roger Moore. There is nothing like this car available in the UK with the same combination of restoration work, interior details, trim and service history.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me tribute car interior tartan lining

The interior with red and tartan upholstery and optional extras installed

This very special Lotus Esprit is offered by the same collector that earlier this year sold several James Bond Aston Martins, licence plates and watches (all sold), and is also still offering his Quantum of London yacht for sale.

About the Lotus Esprit S1 in The Spy Who Loved Me

The Lotus Esprit became the second most famous Bond car, after the DB5, when it appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). The car is provided by Q Branch to Bond on the island of Sardinia. James Bond then uses the vehicle to escape attacks by Stromberg's henchmen, Jaws and Naomi (Caroline Munro) in her helicopter. Bond escapes most famously by driving the car into the Mediterranean Sea and transforming the car into a submarine. His beautiful passenger, the Soviet spy Major Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) is less than impressed, as she already had stolen blueprints for the car two years earlier.

Lotus Esprit dive Spy Who Loved Me dive helicopter

Bond escapes assassin Naomi by plunging the Lotus Esprit S1 into the Mediterranean Sea
photo © 
United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Eon Productions

The Lotus Esprit S1 is now recognised as one of the top Bond cars, most recently in road tests of Bond cars by Top Gear - watch the 2020 episode, read more about the 2021 episode or download the 2021 Top Gear Freddie Flintoff Lotus Esprit test drive.

The beautiful lines of the Esprit were designed by Italian master designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.

The first Esprit model is becoming increasingly popular with collectors, even more than the later S3 and Turbo models.

About the Lotus Esprit S1 tribute car

The Lotus Esprit S1 on offer now is the UK’s number 1 tribute car to the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me. This Esprit is a stunning example in fresh Monaco White with newly re-trimmed interior in the iconic 007 green tartan with orange carpets.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me interior green tartan roger moore

Interior with the same Tartan upholstery as the movie car. The headrests were re-upholstered in green to match the movie headrests.

The head restraints were re-upholstered to be plain green as opposed to tartan despite the brand new interior restoration as the actual movie car was to this specification. Legend has it that Roger Moore complained about the original tartan head restraints, saying that they clashed with his complexion – hence Eon had to revamp accordingly.

The right-hand drive car has also undergone further bespoke works by way of the missile buttons on the gear knob and steering wheel along with the centre console radar screen.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me interior steering wheel buttons

A few optional extras installed: missile buttons on the gear knob and steering wheel

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me interior dashboard switches

Prop radar screen and switches and buttons on the dashboard

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me interior gear shift launch missile button

Missile launch button on the gear knob

Furthermore, a limited edition painting which was signed by Sir Roger Moore, Caroline Munro and the artist, has been professionally laminated and upholstered into the glove box of the dash board.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me autographs roger moore caroline munro

Signatures of the Sir Roger Moore and Caroline Munro are upholstered into the glove box.
Photos of the stars signing the artwork are also included in the dashboard.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me details world champion wheels allow

The Lotus Esprit is fitted with original Wolfrace alloys

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me details giugiaro emblem

No expense spared on the overall restoration including the exquisite coachwork, upgraded brakes and new suspension along with bespoke gadgetry that Q never had the opportunity to explain.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me rear licence plate skyfall gate

The registration plate (PPW 306K) looks almost identical to the movie registration plate (PPW 306R).

The car is registered PPW 306K, which adds to the overall dynamic effect of the car as the first six digits are identical to Bond’s S1 (which reads PPW 306R) and with a black screw cap strategically placed, who would think any different?

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me rear licence plate garage showroom

Whilst several direct approaches at various Bond Events have been made for the number plate, this registration will not form part of any separate purchase as it is entirely unique to the Lotus, its provenance and is a primary factor in this fine example being the UK’s number one “The Spy Who Loved Me” tribute car.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me rear licence plate skyfall gate 2

A pure joy to drive and admire with all factory matching numbers and provenance to accompany the overall package. Every last detail has been met including the front underside spoiler in black. This beautiful car has been meticulously housed inside the collectors showroom for the last few years and prior to this was on display in Casino Square, Monaco during exclusive Bond Promotions. Amazing throughout and in turnkey condition. Fully MOT’d and serviced prior to delivery.

Lotus Esprit The Spy Who Loved Me front licence plate skyfall gate

The mileage on the car is well documented and just over 100k miles.

The provenance and associated documentation of this Lotus Esprit is unrivalled and comprehensive and would appeal to any collector.

UPDATE: this car has been sold.

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