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Parker Vector, IM and Urban pens in SkyFall

In the movie SkyFall, Parker Vector, Urban and IM pens can be seen on M's desk
In the movie SkyFall, Parker Vector, Urban and IM pens can be seen on M's desk
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photos © Parker
1 Parker Vector (open and closed); 2 Parker Urban; 3 Parker IM (open and closed)
photos © Parker

In SkyFall (2012), several Parker pens can be seen on the desk of M (Judi Dench) in her new office and during the public inquiry with the minister.

In the new underground MI6 office, we can see three Parker pens on M's desk. Two of these pens are the same and they are the Parker IM black CT (Chrome Trim). This IM us either a rollerbal or fountain pen, that's impossible to see since the cap is still on the pen. On the same desk we can spot a Parker Urban black CT rollerball pen.

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During the public inquiry with the minister, M holds a Parker Vector matte black CT rollerball pen.

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It's impossible to see which pen is laying next to the laptop on M's desk in her office in the 'old' MI6 building.

This is not the first time a Parker pen can be seen in a Bond film. The most notable appearance of a Parker pen is Bond's stainless steel Parker Jotter in GoldenEye (1995), which acts as a timebomb.

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Anyone know where to find M's desk pad from the opening scenes in Skyfall? It's the one on her desk in the MI6 building, black pad with aluminum frame. Apparently it's a Sony desk pad as I found it on the following China Wholesale bidding website but they won't answer my emails on how to purchase? I don't know if it's a product that Sony used to sell or if it's something yet to be released? However I've scoured the internet and thus far that's the only site I can find it on?
Thank you very much for naming me on the source. I am very glad to have been helpful. I love parker pen!! Best regards!!
In "Die Another Day" we can see Parker Sonnet ball-pen in M hands during a conversation with Miranda Frost in M's Office.
In Spectre Bond writes down Felix's number for Lucia Sciarra with what looks like a Parker Duofold fountain pen.
I would say that also can be an ST Dupont pen because they launched a themed pen after the movie

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