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N.Peal 007 Ivory White Henley Shirt

photo © N.Peal
N.Peal 007 Ivory White Henley Shirt
photo © N.Peal

photo © N.Peal
N.Peal 007 Ivory White Henley Shirt comes with dark colored buttons
photo © N.Peal

N.Peal offers a Round Neck Henley shirt in the color Ivory White in their James Bond No Time To Die collection.

The shirt is inspired by the henley shirt worn by James Bond as part of his Commando outfit. The henley shirt worn in the film is a Rag & Bone Classic Henley shirt.

The N.Peal 007 Ivory White Henley Shirt has dark colored buttons, as opposed to the white metal buttons of the Rag & Bone shirt.

The shirt comes with a black N.Peal 007 label inside.

N.Peal provided the Navy Ribbed Army Sweater, the Combat Trousers and the grey 007 Braces for the outfit, all of which are now also back in stock.

The classic Henley, style reference NPG000538JB_NIV, is made from 15% cashmere blended with 85% premium Supima cotton grown in the USA. The combination of 85% cotton and 15% cashmere makes the softest finish against the skin whilst keeping you cool in cotton.

The new N.Peal Henley is called the 007 Round Neck Henley in Ivory White and is available for £149 / $195 at the N.Peal website.

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The shirt is also available in the color Light Grey.

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Summer Essentials 2024


Just a note for buyers of the N Peal Henley. It is banded at the bottom which was odd for me in a Henley. Did not catch it in the photos prior to ordering. Well made and very comfortable, just banded. Sent mine back. No hard feelings and a great experience.

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