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N.Peal Navy Ribbed Army Sweater

Daniel Craig as James Bond on a poster for No Time To Die, wearing the commando outfit including the N.Peal sweater
Daniel Craig as James Bond on a poster for No Time To Die, wearing the commando outfit including the N.Peal sweater
photo © Eon Productions, Danjaq, Universal Pictures, United Artists MGM
photo © N.Peal
N.Peal Navy Ribbed Commando Sweater
photo © N.Peal

photo © N.Peal
Official promotional image for the sweater from N.Peal featuring model Paul Sculfor
photo © N.Peal

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a N.Peal Navy Ribbed Army Sweater in the movie No Time To Die (2020).

The sweater is a British military style, ribbed commando sweater in dark blue, with elbow and shoulder patches and a drawstring chord around the neck.

The navy ribbed N.Peal sweater is now available for £345 / $465 at N.Peal.

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James Bond's commando outfit
Other items from this outfit include a white Rag & Bone Henley long sleeve shirt, dark N.Peal trousers, black N.Peal suspenders, Danner boots, Mil-Tec gloves, Vuarnet Edge 1613 sunglasses and the No Time To Die Omega Seamaster watch on a mesh strap. One of his weapons is his trusted Walther PPK.

N.Peal and James Bond
N.Peal sweaters have been worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in SkyFall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015). In SkyFall, Bond wears the cashmere crew neck sweater with his Barbour jacket. In SPECTRE he wears a mock turtle neck in blue and grey and a grey cable sweater.

In No Time To Die, Bond's love interest Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) also wears N.Peal, a Roun Neck Cashmere T-Shirt (see it here).

In 2019, N.Peal released a special 007 Cashmere Collection, with that is still available on their website, and in 2020 they added a Bond Woman Cashmere Collection.

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This new Npeal sweater is not screen accurate the sholder patches are to long across the chest .count the ribs from the centre of the sweater Daniel Craigs sweater has six ribs either side from the centre this makes the shoulder pitch smaller and square.The new sweater from Imperial has only four rips from the centre and the patch is longer across the chest therefore not screen accurate and at £345 it should be identical
Love this jumper! Has any cheaper options been spotted about yet? Would like to get my hands on one but N. Peal is a bit out of my price range haha!
I have the James Bond (Daniel Craig) Navy Ribbed Army Sweater worn in the movie No Time To Die (2020). I'm open to offers. Brand new, with box & tags in size XS. RRP £345.
This is perhaps one of the poorest designed sweaters; the Craig pictures show an athletic fit - however the real product is like a giant piece of toast - just a big square cut. Moreover a horrible hand - poor materials. Very disappointed that N Peal would release something like this given all the other sweaters I've bought from them and loved.
I agree that the sweater is expensive, but I just bought it online along with the commando trousers at N.Peal, and after entering a promotion code (that gives a 15% discount) that I found online, the final price I paid for the sweater was GBP 244.37 and for the trousers GBP 173.55, a significant discount.
You definitely need some upper body build to fill out this sweater, I myself am a silverback so it fills out nice especially with the Henry underneath.
Hi Sam what site did you use for your discount code I've entered numberous codes and none are valid ?? Many Thanks Beth

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