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Tracy's wedding ring

Replica OHMSS ring
Replica OHMSS ring
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Sotheby's
One of the original Charles De Temple rings made for On Her Majesty's Secret Service, auctioned in 2022.
photo © Sotheby's

photo ©
Replica OHMSS ring
photo ©

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Replica OHMSS ring
photo © Bond Lifestyle

In the movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), Bond (George Lazenby) gives Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo or Tracy (Diana Rigg) a two-colour gold wedding ring. The ring has a unique design and was originally designed for the film by fashionable 1960s jeweller Charles de Temple.

The design spells out the phrase "All The Time In The World", from the famous song in the movie "We Have All The Time In The World" sung by Louis Armstrong. Bond first spots the ring at a jewelry shop and then later in the film gives it to Tracy during the wedding ceremony.

At the time of the movie, a licensed reproduction of Tracy’s wedding ring was made by Arts Galore of London and like the original, it spelled out the slgithly different phrase "All The Love In The World" in solid gold against a sterling silver band. These rings are very rare, only 50 were made.


One ring, a reproduction from the same mold as the original ring by Charles de Temple, has surfaced at a Christie's auction in 1998. That ring then fetched £4830.

In 2019, Sotheby's sold an original Charles de Temple All The Time In The World ring for a £52,500.

In February 2022, Sotheby's is offering another original All the Time in the World ring by Charles de Temple with an estimated price of £15,000 - £20,000.


A replica ring was created by a Bond fan. The original ring was meticulously studied and only a few rings were created by a professional jeweller, some in silver, some in gold and even a few in platinum. The ring consists of two separate pieces that fit perfectly together. Each part has the 1960s-design of the phrase of the famous Louis Armstrong song. These rings will become collector's items. One of these rings was used during a marriage proposal on the red carpet of the London SkyFall World Premiere in October 2012. For more information regarding this ring contact Bond Lifestyle.


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My Granddad was the jeweller who worked for Charles at the time and actually made the ring, which was one of his many fantastic pieces, he also made the mold for casting a gold finger for the subsequent Bond film.
How much does this ring, and can be sent to Brazil?
Is there a ring available for sale and what the cost would be? I would need it to be sent to the the States.
I think that I may know where the original ring could be.
Hello everybody, If anyone is interested in my ring - please contact Remmert and he'll forward your emails to me. Thanks MArkus
Seems ominous to propose to someone you love with such a ring, given what happened to Tracy and all...
Hi, Im new here ans was curious are Tracys rings actualy being made if so, how much and where do i get one? Thank you for your time Michael BTW nice site
I would like to know how much will the wedding ring sale for today. I would like to have one like is. to ware. can you tell me the price of is? thank You. Cynthia
What places are available to get a ring like this, I love James Bond books and movies and my fiancé has embraced them and would love to give her a ring based on this design as a wedding gift. My budget isn't the greatest but any advice or help is appreciated! Thank you for any replays
That’s very interesting. I’ve only now come across your post. Did they ever use the gold finger? What happened to the ring molds in the end? Thanks Christian
Where might the original be then? Are you just teasing? Thanks Christian
In real terms. the elegance of the original is not met here what is represented in the photo. In comparison to the original, this is more of a Moonraker effort to the OHMSS standard. Still, kudos for the effort! Seriously, good on you.
Good evening I would be interested in buying the ring
we will be in Lisbon next week, I m looking for an engagemant ring
Hi are any of the Bond fan made props for sale please? or can they be made to order?

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