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Philips 2205 Tape Recorder and Philips C90 Tape

A Philips 2205 cassette tape recorder with C90 tape and World Of Marches (replica by Gadget Meister) tape
A Philips 2205 cassette tape recorder with C90 tape and World Of Marches (replica by Gadget Meister) tape
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Bond Lifestyle
A vintage Philips C90 tape, the same type as seen in Diamonds Are Forever
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Philips 2205 cassette tape recorder
photo © Bond Lifestyle

In the movie Diamonds Are Forever (1971), Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Charles Gray) has a Philips N2205 tape recorder on his desk in his office on the oil rig. The N2205 is used when Blofeld listens to a Philips C90 tape with the World's Greatest Marches, with James Bond (Sean Connery) standing at his desk. Blofeld uses a Philips C90 tape disguised as a World's Greatest Marches Tape to control his satellite.

The Philips N2205 is a portable tape recorder and player produced by Philips from 1969 - 1973. The N2205 has a built-in speaker, VU (volume) meter and can be used with batteries or with an AC adapter. An external microphone can be added. The round disc with numbers on the tape deck is a feature to show the remaining recording time of the tape. The recorder measures 255 mm wide x 190 mm deep x 65 mm high, and weighs: 2,2 kg (2,5kg with batteries).

Blofeld has the N2205 on his desk, next to a Philips L6X38 T Transworld de Luxe Antoinette radio. When Bond arrives at the oil rig, Blofeld finds the tape on Bond (hidden in his suit) and plays the tape in the N2205. Bond was planning to substitute the C90 satellite control tape with this tape containing the music, but gets caught by Blofeld. Tiffany Case (Jill St. John) tries to help Bond switch the tape after Bond is taken away, but unknowingly puts the original back in the control machine.

Find Philips N2205 on eBay, or try the Dutch website, where these machines are regularly offered.

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I have the tape recorder (2205) that was actually used in the James Bond movie. It used to work perfectly but I tested it the other day & it's gone "lifeless". I have no idea how to get it working once more. If anyone wants to buy it & the microphone etc. then please make me a decent offer. Great article for a James Bond 007 collector. It's now 44 years young! Ron
Hi Ron, Sorry, but I'm not a member of any 'Group' or "forum's" concerned here but I do collect vintage cassette units and would be interested in looking after your N2205 in the future, as it were! I've been looking for a decent one for some time now and, as I've just lost out on a prime example recently, I'd be willing to make an offer but have to ask: Do you have the original mains cable? Kind regards, Robert McCallum. email:
If you still have the 2205 let me know how much you want for it?
I have an Philips 2205 with mike. Invaluable to me whilst in South Africa and environs in 68 - 72. No mains cable tho, too many sources of power, had to stay on batteries. Perfect condition. If interested contact me.

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