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NPeal Combat Trousers

Made in England

Leon Paul fencing equipment in Die Another Day

The fencing equipment and training for the fencing and sword fight scene in Die Another Day (2002) was provided by Leon Paul, a London based fencing equipment manufacturer.

Launch event Grant Macdonald Silver Aston Martin DB5 model and Martini set

On Tuesday 27 October 2015, Grant Macdonald officially launched their Silver Aston Martin DB5 1:30 scale model and silver Martini Shaker set at Hotel Café Royal.


In the last action scenes of SPECTRE James Bond wears a pair of Sanders & Sanders Hi-Top Chukka Boots.

These shoes come in several colours, and it looks like Bond wears either the Chocolate / Dark Brown Suede, or the lighter Snuff Suede version. Both colours are available at Mason & Sons (see discount coupon below).

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