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Romeo y Julieta Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar
Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Bond Lifestyle
Romeo y Julieta Churchill aluminum cigar case
photo © Bond Lifestyle

Instead of enjoying the aroma of a real Romeo y Julieta, Bond only gets to use the case in which this excellent cigar is stored. In Thunderball, Q presents Bond his underwater breather, which comes disguised in the aluminum cigar tube, convenient pocket size. Considering one has a convenient pocket of course.

In The World is not Enough (1999) Bond finally gets the chance to enjoy the cigar itself, in the pre-title scene, when he is offered a Romeo Y Julieta Churchill in the Swiss bank in Bilbao. But in the end, he doesn't seem to have time to even light it. The fact that the Swiss banker, who smokes a Churchill as well, holds on to it, even after falling on the ground and being held at gunpoint, shows how good these cigars really are. Bond finally gives his cigar (still in its aluminium case) to Moneypenny: Bond: "I thought you might enjoy one of these." "How romantic. I know exactly where to put one of these.", Moneypenny replies, in subtle reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and then she throws it in the garbage bin, which shows what women really think of these cigars...

The cigar (and its case) is still available in cigar stores around the world. This Churchill cigar is a cigar for the connoisseurs: very strong, but smooth. It may take some time to really appreciate its taste. The cigar has a minimum ageing recommended of at least three years. Size: 7"

About Romeo y Julieta
The Romeo y Julieta marque was established in 1875. The brand is named for the Shakespeare tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Between 1885 and 1900, the brand won numerous awards at different tasting exhibitions (as still evidenced by the gold medals on the brand's logo). Sir Winston Churchill was maybe the brand's most famous devotee, that's why this cigar is named in his honor. The Cuban government nationalized the brand and still produces and distributes it world-wide as one of its top-selling global brands.

Davidoff London

If you visit London, make sure to visit Jermyn Street, there are lots of Bond brands there, and around the corner with St. James Street you can find the Davidoff London store. Over the years, lots of Bond alumni have visited that particular store. Read an article on the London Bond Map blog where Bond fan Peter Brooker speaks to Davidoff London store owner Edward Sahakian who served cigars to Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore etc.


Thanks to Anders for the alert and David Zaritsky for the cigar

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Amateurs pick - Davidoffs are good, AVO No. 9 and Montecrisco classics are favorites - but this is not a cigar forum!

"Churchill" refers to the size of the cigar. Churchill's are very large cigars in caliber and length,aptly named after a larger than life figure.

I personally Love Romeo y Julietta's. Although I prefer a No. 2 size. I'm clenching one between my teeth as I type this!

Thanks for an awesome site and for all the insight.

Dr M...

'Tim', then why did you bring it up?

I liked your site.

I've had three of these in Afghanistan which were Cubans, as well as one in the States that was a Dominican. If possible, don't ruin your taste buds with a Dominican. Do everything you can to get past the legal issue in order to get your hands on a Cuban Chruchill.

buy Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill - single cigar for 9.50 EURO
Flavour: Medium
Strength: 3/5
Ring Gauge: 55
Length: 130mm
Packaging: Single Cigar


If im not mistaken, in the beginning of Goldfinger, bond and M are presented with Cuban Partagas cigars as well as the 'rather disappointing' brandy.

I prefer the romeo y julieta bully myself.

I'm personally not a fan of Romeo u Julieta. A Montecristo or Cohiba would have suited Bond much better, especially taking into consideration that Cohiba was originally produced for only the top government officials and dignitaries. But - neptunecigar isn't the greatest place to get Cubans. I can't legally say where the best place to get them is lol.

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