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Robert King's Lapel Pin from The World Is Not Enough

photo © Christie's
This is the original lapel pin from the film, which was sold for £6,250 at a Christies auction in 2012.
photo © Christie's

photo © Kan Phaobunjong
A prop replica version made by AJB forum member Texas007, in silver with 9K gold details.
photo © Kan Phaobunjong

photo © Kan Phaobunjong
A prop replica version made by AJB forum member Texas007, in silver and gold. On the back the lapel pin is signed AJB (for the forum) and TX007 for Texas007, plus markings for the 9K gold.
photo © Kan Phaobunjong

In The World Is Not Enough (1999), Sir Robert King (David Calder) is seen wearing a metal and enamel lapel pin of Celtic knot design, set with three circular greenish enamel plaques with triangular symbols and the letter K.

The pin is part of the plot, as it kills Robert King when it sparks an explosion when he gets close to the money that Bond recovered in the pre-title sequence of the film. As explained by Bill Tanner: "The money was dipped in urea, in effect, a fertiliser bomb. Having handled the money, the water on 007's hands started a chemical reaction. In one of the notes the metal anti-counterfeiting strip had been replaced with magnesium, which acted as a detonator. And King's lapel pin was switched for a copy, which contained a radio transmitter to trigger the blast. In other words, he set off the bomb that killed him."

In Raymond Benson's novelization of The World Is Not Enough, and possibly early / alternate versions of the film screenplay which can be found online, the pin is called the 'Eye of the Glens'. We can find this line in the explanation of Tanner: "King always wore a pin in his lapel, an heirloom called the Eye of the Glens; but someone switched it for a copy, a ceramic micro-circuit emitting an electronic signature."

It later turns out that King's daughter, Elektra King (Sophie Marceau) had switched the lapel pin for a duplicate containing a transmitter which triggered the explosive charge within the stolen money. Elektra later presents the 'real' pin to M (Judi Dench), explaining "he would have wanted you to have it". As M opens the case revealing the pin, Elektra confesses "it's very valuable you know, I just couldn't let it explode with the rest of him".

In 2012, during the 50 Years of Bond auction, Christie's offered one of the original props, giving us a very close look at the pin. The auction offered the lapel pin in a green case with Bond archive label. It also came with the programme reading "A Memorial Service for Sir Robert King, King Family Chapel, Loch Lamont, Glen Darrock Estate, 3.00pm" with the full programme inside, including psalms, readings, a congregational hymn and ending with "Tea and cakes back at the mansion." Judi Dench as M is seen holding an identical programme following King's funeral.
The original lapel pin was eventually sold for GBP 6,250.

In 2019, a small series of very close replicas was made by Bond fan Kan Phaobunjong, see photos on the left. Only 20 were made of this prop, which was 3D designed and printed, and created by a professional jeweller in 925 Silver and 9K gold. The gold was used instead of the green enamel of the original. Each piece was marked 'AJB' in reference to the AJB007 James Bond forum, and TX007 in reference to the creator's username Texas007 on the forum. If you're interested in one of these silver and gold prop replica lapel pins, please send a message.

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