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James Bond's 007 Special Blend

James Bond's 007 Special Blend cans feature beautiful women posing in front of famous London backdrops
James Bond's 007 Special Blend cans feature beautiful women posing in front of famous London backdrops

During the 1960s spy boom, many products including clothing and accessories, were branded with James Bond or 007. One of the more fascinating items is the James Bond's 007 Special Blend. This blend of malt liquor and beer was produced in 1967 by the National Brewing Company of Baltimore, Maryland. National, which also owned plants in Detroit, Miami, and Phoenix, is better known for Colt 45 malt liquor and National Bohemian beer.

The James Bond's 007 Special Blend cans featured attractive women posing in front of famous London backdrops. The brand was pulled when National Brewing learned that it might have been a good idea to check with the estate of Ian Fleming about using its trademarks for a commercial product. The cans are highly valued by collectors, and currently can fetch more than $500.

Bond and beer is not a strange connection in itself. He has enjoyed a beer on several occasions, in the Ian Fleming novels particularly. Beer brands enjoyed by Bond include Löwenbräu, Miller High Life and Red Stripe.

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The beer was distributed in 1967, not 1968—test Market in San Francisco, Nashville, Phoenix, and Baltimore. There 2 different sets of 007 cans The one you have on your website and the White stripped version. With different verbiage on the can. The current value of the set on your site is $1500-$2000. I have the most extensive 007 beer can collection known. 27 cans with some test market versions Rawley
Is there any proof of this litigation against 007 brand. This would show it’s 1 of the main reasons they pulled the product. Thanks, Andrew Pincsak
l am interested in buying a set of 007 beer cans made in 1967 or 1968 do you have them for sale thanks

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