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Piz Gloria, Schilthorn, Switzerland

Piz Gloria is located on top of Schilthorn, a 2,970 metre high summit in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
Piz Gloria is located on top of Schilthorn, a 2,970 metre high summit in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
photo © Schilthorn
photo © Schilthorn
Piz Gloria, in Switzerland
photo © Schilthorn

photo © Schilthorn
George Lazenby having a great time with the Bond girls at Piz Gloria
photo © Schilthorn

Many scenes were filmed at Piz Gloria for the 1969 James Bond 007 film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Piz Gloria is located on top of Schilthorn, a 2,970 metre high summit in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, above Mürren. It's Blofeld's clinical research institute, and Bond spends some time there, eventually destroying the whole place. In real life though, the Bond production team actually helped financing the completion of the unique revolving restaurant and the helicopter landing platform.

Piz Gloria is well worth a visit. Not only is it a major Bond location, but as the longest aerial cableway in the Alps, the Schilthorn/Piz Gloria provides stunning panoramic views over Switzerland. Over 200 mountain peaks in a spectacular landscape are revealed as the world's first revolving mountaintop restaurant slowly turns. The revolving restaurant offers 400 seats, arranged on two revolving solar-powered platforms. You can enjoy the panoramic view from every seat. The legendary "Martini, shaken not stirred" can be tasted at the James Bond Bar. In the Touristorama extracts of On Her Majesty's Secret Service are shown. Or enjoy the special James Bond breakfast, served daily from 08.00 to 11.00 am.

Reservation and information:
Schilthornbahn AG
Höheweg 2
CH-3800 Interlaken
Tel. +41 33 82 60 007
Fax +41 33 82 60 009

Where to stay
An appropriate hotel to stay at during your visit of Mürren would be Hotel Jungfrau Mürren, which can be briefly seen in OHMSS, when Bond is picked up by Tracy in her car after he makes a call to London in the phone booth. (The hotel looks quite different today than in the film).

Another good hotel would be the Hotel Schweizerhof in the city of Bern (which is about an hour drive away from Mürren). The exterior shot of the office of the Swiss lawyer Gumbold was filmed here. On one of the center top balconys (where it currently displays the name of the hotel "HOTEL SCHWEIZENHOF"), Bond receives the decoder machines via a crane. In this office, Bond learns that Blofeld is corresponding with London College of Arms' genealogist Sir Hilary Bray, attempting to claim the title 'Comte Balthazar de Bleuchamp'.

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Well worth the trip. After 42 years, and expecting disappointment, I was thrilled. Amazing views, excellent food, and it really does sit right on top of an Alp. Definitely going back to ski in the Winter and hike up in the Summer. I suspect the walls of the extension were fake in the movie, hiding a skeleton that merely supported the helipad. That section looks different from the movie now, and contains the room where there are displays about the movie and a video. My wife, who went reluctantly, enthusiastically went back to partake of the James Bond breakfast buffet, and we added a spectacular sunrise over the Eiger to our list of experiences. Take that first cable car and you might have the observation deck all to yourself like I did.

I have actually been to Piz Gloria, on my holiday at Interlaken. I could of spent so long there, even though it was a small area, 4 cable car rides to the top but it was definately worth it, £40 per person roughly. Whilst in switzerland i actually drove along the swiss pass, sean connery drove along during Goldfinger, chasing after tilly masterson.

Magnificent place.
007 spagetti and many more bond surprises.
Unbeatable 360 views from the decorated dining room. Needs a longer bridge and a helipad to match the Piz Gloria from the movie though.
The town below the Schilthorn is where there was the car chase with Tracy I believe.

I was ski club of GB rep in Murren in 1985. The restaurant at Piz Gloria was run by the hotel where I stayed, so I had permission to go up on the first cable car taking up provisions and have my breakfast, then ski down to meet my guests in Murren. I was so lucky. Surely the most spectacular scenery in the world.
One of the greatest places I visited in Europe, in the 80s, would love to go back. The restaurant is in a fantastic location atop the Schilthorn and the rides up are spectacular. The whole area is magnificent summer or winter. I still have pictures from Piz Gloria hanging in my bedroom of the Eiger, Eiger Glacier, Monch , Jungfraujoch and Jungfrau and watch the Bond movie filmed there whenever its on TV. As a skier it helped motivate me to move to Colorado from New Jersey.
Since seeing the Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service at about 8 years old i was always hooked on this movie: The stars of the movie, John Barry's pacy soundtrack and of course the star Bond Baddie location, Piz Gloria atop Mt Schilthorn. Just visited Piz Gloria today and this is an absolute must for Bond fans, (and non Bond fans). With the new Bond museum, Bond breakfast and Walk of Fame even the toilets, all these make a great full day out. Go on, treat yourselves.
I tried some night skiing there and they started shooting at me.
My husband and I visited this amazing mountain in Nov. 1980. I have been going through many old photos, but I have none of the plaque outside Piz Gloria. I cannot remember the exact quote. It is something like..." if you had any doubts about a God ( higher authority?) just look around" Could you please send the correct quote? I would love it for my Swiss albumn of our many visits to Switzerland and all the beautiful memories.
My son Zenith, also from New Zealand, arranged our trip in November 2022 to this magnificent place. My heart skipped a beat as I had not ever seen anything so stunning as the views I saw. I purchased a beautiful silver ring with a large piece of local Smokey quartz from the souvenir shop that was next to the revolving restaurant building. I enjoyed the interactive 007 props and also the spectacular gondola ride to get to the top. Memories made with my beautiful son that make me feel alive every time I see the photos we took there.

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