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Interstuhl Silver Chair 262S

Interstuhl Silver Chair 262S and 362S

In the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace, we see the new office of M. She works in an ultra modern room with screens as big as the wall, and sleek furniture and lighting.

M herself is sitting on an Silver Chair 262S, an Office Swivel Chair produced by Interstuhl. On the other side of her table, we can see two empty Silver Chair 101S.

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See the photos from the Quantum of Solace movie set to compare!

The unique and eye-catching Silver range of chairs and furniture, designed by the renowned Hadi Teherani, has won a plethora of design awards for seating maestro's Interstuhl.

In the movie SkyFall (2012), Interstuhl chairs can again be spotted in the MI6 office, when M uses an Interstuhl AirPad chair.

In SPECTRE (2015) Interstuhl KINETICis5 and MOVYis3 chairs can be seen in Oberhauser's lair.

Louis Poulsen table lamp
Behind M's desk, we can also spot a Louis Poulsen Table Lamp.

AL_executive furniture by Bene (another office furniture brand) plays a supporting role at the MI6 headquarters. Some of the aluminium furniture was supplied by Bene for the MI6 room on the other side of the glass wall. The AL_executive furniture (AL stands for aluminium) conveys lightness, functionality, mobility and hi-tech. 

Official Interstuhl Press Release:
With a legacy that stretches over five decades, James Bond is now firmly established as the epitome of style and class, so it seems only natural that you'll see Silver chairs from Interstuhl in the soon to be released Quantum of Solace a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures release of EON Productions' 22nd James Bond adventure releasing worldwide November 2008.

From the chic sets of Dr. No and Goldfinger over 45 years ago to Casino Royale the Bond brand has always reflected the very best of contemporary interiors and design. Leading designs in James Bond have been featured throughout the years and Quantum of Solace is no different, the distinctive and iconic Silver chair range can be seen on the set of the new sleek MI6 headquarters.

The unique and eye-catching Silver range of chairs and furniture has won a plethora of design awards for seating maestro's Interstuhl. Designed by the renowned Hadi Teherani the Silver chair range seems to be making it big on the silver screen having already appeared in three other blockbusters. As Martin Long, Managing Director of Interstuhl Ltd explains "The Silver range is beautifully distinctive, exuding opulence and character, and we've been fortunate that this appeals to set and interior designers. Having it feature in the latest James Bond film is a great compliment."

Thanks to sruzgar, Anders and Merlijn for the alert

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Joel, the Bene room is the room next to M's office, which can be seen on the other side of the glass wall / screen.

Anyone who knows the exact color and material in the movie of the 262S chair?

Hey Remmert, I don't know where the Bene furniture fits in place here. The Bene office photos are clearly not part of the QoS film. I believe this chair as well as the desk that was actually used in the film are made by Kimball. Here's the link...

I have always wanted to have the same furniture that M has in the movie. It looks so sleek and futuristic that I thought it was only specially made for the movie. Now that I know they actually exist in the real world and can be bought, I am tempted to track them down and buy them for my own office.
I have a midback 262S for sale if anyone is interested! Located in the US. Reply for more details.

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