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Cosmed fitness equipment

Behind the scenes photo of Cosmed fitness equipment on the SkyFall set.
Behind the scenes photo of Cosmed fitness equipment on the SkyFall set.
photo © Cosmed

Cosmed products were selected to outfit the physiology assessment laboratory in the 23rd James Bond film SkyFall. Cosmed products were used on-screen by the MI6 medical staff to assess James Bond’s cardio respiratory performance and fitness level.

Cosmed provided the SkyFall production with its latest metabolic measurement systems, including the Quark CPET, the K4b2, the Fitmate Pro, the BOD POD, together with its state of the art high performance treadmill model T170

Cosmed's staff were on hand during the filming at the Victoria Tunnel locations in London, just across the London Bridge, to help with all technical aspects of setting up and running the equipment and ensuring great authenticity in the way the tests are conducted.

About Cosmed
Founded in 1980, Cosmed is a privately owned company manufacturing Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic Diagnostic Equipment. Cosmed solutions are developed for either professional or medical use in Hospital, Primary Care, University & Education, Sport and Wellness markets. In application fields such as Human Physiology, Clinical Nutrition, Respiratory Care, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Research of Obesity and Diabetes. Cosmed products include a full range of Spirometers, Pulmonary Function, Body Composition, Nutritional Assessment and Cardio Pulmonary Exercise systems, as well as Electrocardiographs, Ergometers and Assessment Software.

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Any chance you have the name of the other exercise equipment in the room? Namely, the pull up bar, all-in-one system, and the dumb bell weights?
Please can I have name of pull up station.

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