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Globe-Trotter Stabilist Case

photo © Globe-Trotter
An exact replica of the rifle case Globe-Trotter produced for the film will be available.
photo © Globe-Trotter

photo © Globe-Trotter
The case in the film is used by Patrice (Ola Rapace)
photo © Globe-Trotter

In celebrating 007′s 50th anniversary on the silver screen and the release of SkyFall in 2012, Globe-Trotter released a custom-made Stabilist Case, similar to the one used by Patrice (Ola Rapace) in the SkyFall movie.

The Globe-Trotter case disembles a case but its parts are used by villain Patrice to make a sniper rifle. The case can be best seen when Patrice enters the Shanghai skyscraper and when he takes it apart to make the rifle.

An exact replica of the rifle case Globe-Trotter produced for the film, the special Stabilist Case includes a diamond quilted Alcantara lining internally and commemorative internal plaque. Another notable detail of this slim line 26″ aluminium suitcase is the case’s handle, a facsimile of a rifle’s telescopic sight, developed especially for SkyFall by Globe-Trotter artisans and Pinewood Studios’ armorer. Only 100 units were made, each individualized by its own unique serial number.

This suitcase retails at £5,007, is limited to 100 pieces and is available from the Globe-Trotte flagship store (click here for store details).

Globe-Trotter features a James Bond Centenary Special Edition series of cases on their website and a James Bond collection of leather goods and cases. Except for the stabilist case, none of these products feature in SkyFall.

In the 2015 movie SPECTRE, a Globe-Trotter Original Brown Suitcase is used by James Bond himself, when he is traveling in Morocco.

In No Time To Die (2020), Bond himself once again uses Globe-Trotter suitcases.

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