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Church's Diplomat

Church's Diplomat semi-brogues
Church's Diplomat semi-brogues
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Church's
Black Church's Diplomat semi-brogue, black Calf leather
photo © Church's

In the movie GoldenEye (1995) James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) wears a pair of black Church's Diplomat shoes. He wears these black semi-brogues during the T-55 tank chase and following train scenes, together with a blue bird's eye pattern suit (Brioni model Augusto). The shoes can be seen when Bond kicks in the floor of the train to make a hole where he and Natalya Simonova can escape.

Semi-brogues (also known as half brogues) are characterised by a toe cap with decorative perforations and serration along the cap's edge and includes additional decorative perforations in the center of the toe cap. The half brogue was first designed and produced by shoemaker John Lobb (a brand worn by Bond in Casino Royale) as an Oxford in 1937 in an effort to offer his customers a shoe more stylish than a plain oxford, yet not as bold as a full brogue.

The Diplomat is one of the most popular Church's shoe models. The Church's logo and the words 'Made in England' are heat-embossed on the leather sole. The logo also indicates the town of Northampton, which is the the manufacturing home of Church's.

The Diplomat is still available at Church's for £410, and can also be found at eBay. The current model is slightly different from the model in 1995, for example, as noted on The Suits of James Bond, the new model has only five pairs of eyelets while Bond's shoes had six.

Bond also wears a pair of full brogue Church's Chetwynd in the same movie.

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