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Church's Presley

Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough, wearing a Church's Presley shoes, Brioni suit, a Turnbull & Asser tie and holding a Samsonite case.
Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough, wearing a Church's Presley shoes, Brioni suit, a Turnbull & Asser tie and holding a Samsonite case.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
photo © Christies
An original pair of black Church's Presley shoes, worn by Pierce Brosnan, auctioned by Christie's in 2012
photo © Christies

photo © Church's
A later version of Church's Presley, the buckle is slightly different from Bond's shoes.
photo © Church's

"Step into Bond's shoes" - quite literally! Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan) wears the Church's Presley monk-style shoes in the film The World is Not Enough.

Costume designer Lindy Hemming explained the choice of Church's shoes as having the appropriate weight to complement the silhouette of the tailored Brioni suits she had commissioned for Bond.

In the same film, with his lined suit and blue shirt, Bond wears a pair of light brown monk style shoes, which could be the Church's Westbury, although this is not confirmed.

In 2012, the Church's shoes worn by Pierce Brosnan were auctioned by Christie's and the complete outfit sold for £16.250.

The outfit worn in the pre-title sequence, at the bank in Bilbao, consists of a dark Brioni jacket single-breasted wool jacket ("Augusto" model) with matching wool pants, a blue sea island cotton Turnbull & Asser shirt, Turnbull & Asser silk necktie. Bond also wears a pair of silver Georg Jensen 88 cufflinks, a Omega Seamaster watch and receives a Romeo Y Julieta cigar and uses a custom Samsonite suitcase.

Church's shoes were also worn in other Bond movies. In GoldenEye, Bond wears a brown pair of Church's Chetwynd brogues and black Church's Diplomat semi-brogues. And in Quantum of Solace, Bond (played by Daniel Craig) wears the Church's Philip (formal) and Ryder III (casual chukka boots).

Bond themed advertisement for Church's Presley shoes in The World Is Not Enough:

Church's Presley World Is Not Enough shoes

The Church's Presley model can currenly only be custom ordered, or you can find them on eBay.

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Having owned a pair for myself and a screen used pair worn by a stunt double I can say emphatically this is one of the finest shoes you will ever own. The leather is soft and supple and the custom grade fit is superb. The monk strap look is timeless and goes as well with suits as it does with jeans...

Now the bad news...the sole is thin and therefor wears very quickly down. these were better made for carpet walking and not street walking. Also, because the leather is soooo supple and fine it is apt to get scrapes and dings where other shoes might be a little more hardy.

Church's are not great shoes. They are average at best. Bond originally wore John Lobb (which is now owned by Hermes) Anyway, Bond would get bespoke Lobb's as he wore ankle boots by Lobb in the original films. Cleverly and Crockett and Jones also make quality shoes/boots of James Bond's standards.

Dear Sirs,

I'm a regular consumer, here in Portugal of Church shoes.

More or less two years ago I bought 2 pairs of Church shoes, which are really expensive + - ? 400 each at that time in Portugal, one black and one wine coloured.

Now and with a limited use, which is confirmed once the original sole-leather is always the original, in one of the shoes (the right foot) of the wine coloured one's the leather superior is brocken/dammaged.

As a matter in fact there is a problem with the quality of the leather - the other shoe, the left one is ok, and the black pair is also ok.

Attached I'm sending you a photo of the shoe enabling you to verify what I'm transmitting.

Kindly let me know which is the solution you propose for these!

Hoping to hear from you sooner

Kind regards

Jose Peres Machado

Church's Shoes and Crockett & Jones are both excellent quality shoes, you will be hard pressed to find better shoes.

lobb maybe the the better shoe but at two and half grand a pair i wonder if they are good value for the money?

Churchs shoes are the best of british (Northampton) shoe making in my opinion but be sure to keep replacing the leather soal as it wears out quickly. At 14 I hot my first pait and have been wearing churchs ever since.

Church's are very good shoes, on par with Crockett & Jones. Since the Prada take-over, the company has been over-criticised. I have owned Church's before and after the take-over and this is very little difference.

Two of my Church's are over ten years old and I still wear. My first pair since the take-over were from 2001 and again, I still wear them.

Edward Green and John Lobb (non-bespoke division by Hermes) are superior; however, there is a price to pay for both, especially the latter in their prestige range.

I have bought 4 pairs of Church's over the last five years on the basis of the company's top reputation.

I'm sorry to say that two paris lasted one year, another pair two years, and the last pair three years.

That's simply unacceptable at this price range and I will now return to my trusty JM Weston's (unless I come accross something better).

I searched for English Shoes on the net and found arthur knight shoes. They don't stock Church, but I ordered a pair of Allinsons at one third the price. Sure, theyre not the same quality as Church but for under $200 theyre much better than Bally for quality and fit!

The page is here I think:


Crockett and Jones all the way. The customer service in the stores is second to none. The standard shoes are very comfortable with nice leather and well made. The handrgade shoes for around an extra £100 are unbelievably comfortable, once you wear a pair of these you genuinely would not want to wear anything else.
Does anyone know on what last the Presley Monk Strap shoe was made? Church does not make them anymore but I was wondering if there is a similar shoe currently in their collection that I could try on? The Westbury monk strap is currently in their selection: Thanks.
I am the owner of Arthur Knight. I see Hank Stevens left a link to our company. We've since moved website and discontinued the Allinson styles. Having said that, if anybody is interested, the new John White collection has some excellent alternatives. The link is:

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