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007 Legends game trailer #1: Moonraker

22 May, 2012

The first of 6 mission trailers for the upcoming video game 007 Legends has been released. This trailer shows the Moonraker mission, featuring the space shuttle, Drax, Jaws and Bond girl Holly Goodhead and lots of space action. 007 Legends will be released in October 2012.

Watch the video below.

007 legends trailer moonraker 1

007 legends trailer moonraker 2

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PlayStation 3: $59.99
Xbox 360: $59.99


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the only thing that i dislike about this game is that by the looks of it they have gone with the p99 over the traditional ppk
Yep, I really wish they would just give us the option of p99 or ppk. The PPK holds exactly half the rounds a p99 does, however. That's probably why they went with it in what I assume is going to be a game similar to, check that, exactly like Goldeneye Reloaded

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