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The November Man Lifestyle

28 August, 2014

Bond Lifestyle takes a look at the products seen in the film The November Man, a spy movie featuring former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko, released on August 27, 2014. This guide will be updated when there is new information. If you identified a product in the film, leave a message below, contact Bond Lifestyle or leave a message on the Bond Lifestyle Forum.

The November Man

Name: Peter Devereaux
Code name: The November Man
Played by: Pierce Brosnan

The Watch

Pierce Brosnan November Man Lorus wristwatch watch

Lorus Chronograph 50m YM92-X156The watch worn by the main character Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) in The November Man is a Lorus Chronograph 50m YM92-X156 (also known as Lorus RF847CX9) (thanks to comments below and KAL) with green strap. A rather unusual choice. The brand Lorus is not often seen in films and is not a maker of high end watches.

The model worn by Brosnan is currently very difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere. There was one for sale on eBay, but that one was sold a while ago.

The Sunglasses

Pierce Brosnan November Man Persol sunglasses

The November Man wears at least two different pairs of sunglasses. The sunglasses that Pierce Brosnan wears while driving his convertible Porsche are Persol sunglasses, very similar to the Persol 2720 sunglasses worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. It's hard to see but the glasses look like the Persol 2747 but could be the Persol 2803 model, with Havana frame. The glasses are also similar to the Persols worn by Brosnan while driving a convertible Ford Fairlane in Die Another Day and the convertible BMW Z3 in GoldenEye.

Persol 2747 sunglasses

Get the Persol PO2747S at ($165), eBay

Persol 2803 sunglasses

Get the Persol PO2803S at ($165), (£100) or eBay.

Pierce Brosnan November Man sunglasses

Pierce Brosnan sunglasses 2 november manThe second pair of sunglasses looks like a pair of Oliver Peoples Bernardo, see the image above. The glasses have a brown tortoise frame and two dots on each of the temples.
Thanks to Chris Morgan, Omar and ajb007 for the ID.

Oliver Peoples Bernardo Pierce Brosnan November Man

Get the Oliver Peoples Bernardo on (grey) or eBay.

The Belt

Pierce Brosnan Tom Tailor Belt in The November Man

Pierce Brosnan as the November Man wears a brown Tom Tailor Men's Leather Belt TG670R62. This belt is not produced anymore but still available from a seller based in Germany on for £23,76.

The jackets and shirts

Pierce Brosnan Brioni November Man

The jacket and shirt in the picture above are Brioni. The jacket is a Brioni Woven Jacket.

Pierce Brosnan Brunello Cucinelli November Man

The shirts and jacket in the picture above are Brunello Cucinelli.

Jackets and shirts ID by Harris Thomas

The Cars

Pierce Brosnan November Man Porsche 356B cabriolet

Peter Devereaux (The November Man) drives a beautiful Porsche 356B Cabriolet, either a 1960 or 1961. The silver grey car has a beige soft top. License plate VD-5962 D.

Pierce Brosnan November Man Fiat Stilo 2002

In Russia, Devereaux drives a silver grey 2002 Fiat Stilo, license plate E170MM.

Pierce Brosnan November Man Toyota RAV4

Peter Devereaux also drives a black 2006 Toyota RAV4, with Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko) as his passenger.

Other cars seen in The November Man are a Dartz Kombat T-98, black BMW X5, silver Mercedes Vito van (driven by David Mason (Luke Bracey)).

The Guns

Pierce Brosnan The November Man Sig Sauer gun

The gun in the movie poster and used by Peter Deveraux in the film is a SIG-Sauer P226. UPDATE 2021: the gun is actually a Zastava CZ99 (thanks to the comment below). The CZ99 is a Yugoslavian-made pistol which is based on the SIG-Sauer P220.

CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW Pierce Brosnan

Devereaux can also be seen loading a CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW (see above) and a Ruger GP100 revolver (see below).

Ruger GP100 gun November Man Pierce Brosnan

Guns identified by the IMFDB


Olga Kurylenko November Man

Name: Alice Fournier
Played by: Olga Kurylenko

The Watch

Olga Kurylenko watch in The November Man

The watch worn by Olga Kurylenko in The November Man is not yet identified. It looks a bit like an Omega Deville but is not the same.

The Necklace

Olga Kurylenko necklace pendant the november man

Olga Kurylenko wears a necklace with small round silver pendant with a hole in the shape of a stylized clover leaf.

Other characters

Superdry Wax Pit Jacket Patrick Kennedy November Man

The character of Edgar Simpson (played by Patrick Kennedy) wears a Superdry Wax Pit Jacket.

This guide will be updated when there is new information. If you identified a product in the film, leave a message below, contact Bond Lifestyle or leave a message on the Bond Lifestyle Forum.

The November Man official website

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The unidentified pierce brosnan's sunglasses in november man are oliver peoples bernardo
I own a pair of Persols 2803 and believe they are a bit thicker around the glaive trademark, therefore I suppose these are actually 2747.
Could you tell me what model the BMW motorcycles were, please? Thank you.
Can someone please tell me the brand of the shoulderbag Alice is wearing most of the scen's when she meets Peter in the film? Thank you!
Does anyone know the brand of tie Brosnan wears in the early sequence
Can anyone tell me what green coat Luke Bracey is wearing?
Does anyone know the necklace Alice (Olga Kurylenko) is wearing in the scene when she confronts the Russian in the hotel room?
Does anyone know who the designer is who designed that big bold black necklace that Olga wears when she confronts the Russian official in the hotel room? And where can I purchase it? I've got to have it!
I disagree, these look to be the 2803S as I own a pair myself. These are spot on (atleast to my eyes) due to the bridging on the nose from the ones Pierce wears and the image of the 2803S. The 2747 look to be smaller in frame.
The watch is actually a Lorus RF847CX9 discontinued in 2010. Got that from Lorus themselves
The BMW Motorcycles are 2013-2014 GS700 I have one
I have to agree with Jeff porter, the watch is not a Lorus YM92-X156. I happen to own that watch and it has a cream-colored dial.
Hi there. You can tell from the movie poster that Brosnan does NOT use a Sig 226. Take a look around the left barrel, receiver details and especially the top of the right grip. This gun is a Zastava CZ99 which was was designed in Former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, by Crvena Zastava. The pistol is based on the design of the SIG-Sauer P226 and Walther P88, although it does have many unique features not seen in these two weapons. Just so you know! Movies often use what their QM can get for them. The gun is also used in a few other movies.
Bmw F 700 GS
Pierce Brosnan is using a Zastava CZ99 9mm not a Sig P226.
Thank you George, I have changed it!

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