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Forever Bond - a tribute to the Bond soundtracks

05 September, 2014

Forever Bond is a new CD by the Italian band The James Bond Concert Show. A special tribute to the soundtracks of the Bond film series.

More than fifty years since the first legendary film of the 007 movies series – Dr. No (1962) with Sean Connery as the British secret agent James Bond created by Ian Fleming – the James Bond Concert Show tells a musical story and every single step of this journey is an incredible 007 song!

James Bond Concert Show

From the James Bond Theme to Skyfall: the James Bond Concert Show is a special tribute to the 007-songs with a band, created by the Italian musician and journalist Michelangelo Iossa and directed by the guitar-player and composer Fabrizio Fedele.

The album contains following songs, performed by James Bond Concert Show:
1. James Bond Theme (instrumental)
2. Goldfinger
3. Live and Let Die
4. GoldenEye
5. Forever Bond (written and composed by Fabrizio Fedele & Michelangelo Iossa and taken from the first album of the James Bond Concert Show, published in 2014).

Listen to part of the songs here and buy the MP3 songs on or

James Bond Concert Show CD

The CD comes with a carton sleeve, and 8-page booklet
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The band:
Michelangelo Iossa: keyboards | backing vocals | JBCS-coordinator Fabrizio Fedele | guitars – musical director
Nanà (Fabiana Martone): lead vocal
Sabba (Salvatore Lampitelli): lead vocal
Roberto Giangrande: bass
Sasà Priore: keyboards and computer programming
Ciro Ciotola: drums

The James Bond Concert Show received the official patronage of the British Embassy in Italy – Naples Office and the official patronage of the UKTI – UK Trade and Investment / Naples, Italy.

The CD+booklet is available in the most mediastores in Italy (La Feltrinelli, Mondadori) and in the larger mediastores like Fnac and many more in Europe. Listen to part of the songs here and buy the MP3 songs on or

Visit the Band's Facebook page or YouTube page.

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