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No Time To Die first full trailer released by cast on Times Square during Good Morning America

04 December, 2019

The official first full trailer for No Time to Die has been released and it lives up to the high expectations after the long wait: it gives us a very exciting and detailed look at the upcoming film, watch it now!

Spoiler alert

The trailer runs 2m35 seconds. Watch the full trailer here:

To present the exclusive World Wide Premiere of the full trailer, the 007 cast appeared on Good Morning America on ABC at 8.30 am EST.

Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, Léa Seydoux and director Cary Fukunaga on a cold Times Square in New York were clearly proud to show the result of their hard work over the past months.

Good Morning America 007 James Bond cast Times Square New York trailer No Time To Die

Daniel Craig was asked about what surprised him about working on the film and with the group. He said he was surprised at how much he enjoyed it. "I got a chance to work with these incredible, most extraordinary and talented people. That's the biggest kick."

Rami Malek was asked about his character, but couldn't tell us anything about the 'guy in the mask' in the trailer. He said the villain is a formidable, nasty human being, but he couldn't go into any details to not spoil anything. 

Lashana Lynch was asked if she will become the new 007, as rumoured on the internet. In the trailer it is revealed she is indeed a 00 agent, but it's not known which number. She still might be 007 for a while, during Bond's absence, but just like Malek she couldn't give us any details of her character in the film besides the fact she'll "definitely be a 00".

Léa Seydoux was asked that while in SPECTRE she seems a love interest of Bond, in the new trailer the romance "seems a little mirky". She also couldn't elaborate more.

The director Cary Fukunaga was asked what's his take on Bond. He explained that Bond's a compelling character, that James Bond means a lot to a lot of different people from different generations. This film carries all the traditions, and it will appeal to a new younger generation, according to the director.

Finally they were asked if they could all describe, in one word, what it means that it's Craig's last appearance as Bond. Malek responded to Daniel: "This film is especially emotional, and significantly memorable, especially it being your last. You are as timeless as these films are, you've done a magnificent job."

Daniel responded "If it wasn't so cold, you'd see me blush."

Lashana said it would difficult not to see him as Bond again, as he is her favourite Bond.

That wrapped up the presentation of the trailer at Good Morning America.

We'll take a closer look at the details of the trailer in a next article.

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