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The Folio Society's Limited Edition of Casino Royale

05 April, 2023

To celebrate 70 years since the first James Bond novel, the Folio Society have released a Limited Edition version of Casino Royale (£500 / $725) with an introduction by Kim Sherwood and signed by the artist Fay Dalton.

Casino Royale Ian Fleming Folio Society Limited Edition cover

Only 750 copies of the special collector’s edition have been produced in close collaboration with the Ian Fleming estate to celebrate the first James Bond book.

The book features an exclusive new introduction by award-winning author Kim Sherwood, who is expanding the world of James Bond with a new trilogy of ‘Double O’ novels that began last year with Double or Nothing. Her introduction discusses how Ian Fleming changed spy fiction forever with the creation of James Bond.

Casino Royale Folio Society open fold spread Limited Edition 70 years

Available at

Four of the five stories in For Your Eyes Only are adaptations of plots originally drafted by Fleming for a television series that didn’t quite get off the ground. Fleming took the opportunity to play with a new form of storytelling, and the result is a set of stories that broaden and elevate the conventions of a Bond adventure.

Kim Sherwood, author and introducer of the Folio Limited Edition, says: “When Ian Fleming first sat down at his not-yet-golden typewriter, it was with the intention to 'write the spy story to end all spy stories' – and he achieved it. Casino Royale reinvents the genre, and this beautiful edition celebrates its explosive style and elegance perfectly.”

Folio Society Ian Fleming James Bond Folio Society illustration Casino Royale sleeve box

Illustration ©2023 Fay Dalton from The Folio Society edition of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

The Folio Society Limited Edition features new artwork by illustrator Fay Dalton, who has combined traditional drawing methods with digital painting. It includes two striking double-page pictures and seven new black-and-white illustrations integrated throughout the text.

The book is bound in leather and the cover design is a nod to one of Casino Royale’s memorable scenes, where Bond takes on his adversary Le Chiffre over a game of baccarat.

Each edition comes in an artwork-lined clamshell box and includes an exclusive limitation label signed by the artist.

James Bond Casino Royale 70 years Folio book limited edition sleeve box

The Folio Society limited edition of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

Book details
- Limited to 750 numbered copies
- Bound in leather blocked in silver, metallic red and black foils
- Set in Miller text with Folio Bold Condensed as display
- Text printed in two colours on Natural Evolution Ivory paper
- 248 pages
- 9 full-colour illustrations including two double-page spreads
- 7 black & white illustrations
- Limitation label signed by Fay Dalton
- Gunmetal grey on all three page edges
- Clamshell box covered with screen-printed and blocked metallic cloth, lined with printed cloth
- 11˝ x 7¼˝

The Folio Society first published Casino Royale, Ian Fleming’s first novel, in 2015 and have since published 11 other James Bond novels from the author, as well as the short story collection For Your Eyes Only, all illustrated by Fay Dalton: Casino RoyaleFrom Russia With Love, Dr NoMoonrakerGoldfingerDiamonds Are ForeverThunderball, Live And Let DieThe Man With The Golden Gun and For Your Eyes Only.

See an overview of all titles here.

folio society covers spy who loved me diamonds forever casino royale from russia with love james bond

The Folio Society edition of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, introduced by Kim Sherwood and illustrated by Fay Dalton, is exclusively available for £500 / US $725

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