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A Spy Like Me, by Kim Sherwood, is the second book in the Double O James Bond trilogy.

The Double O series doesn't feature James Bond as the main character but instead introduces a new generation of Double O agents.

Ian Fleming Publications reveals plans for 2024

Ian Fleming Publications has revealed some of its plans for 2024.

Double Or Nothing paperback released in the UK

Double Or Nothing by Kim Sherwood is now available as a paperback in the UK.

The Folio Society Limited Edition of Casino Royale

To celebrate 70 years since the first James Bond novel, the Folio Society have released a Limited Edition version of Casino Royale (£500 / $725) with an introduction by Kim Sherwood and signed by the artist Fay Dalton.


Double Or Nothing, written by Kim Sherwood, is the first of a new 'Double O' James Bond book trilogy series.

The Double O books will not feature James Bond as the main character, but will instead introduce 'a new generation of Double O agents'.

New James Bond Double O trilogy written by Kim Sherwood

Ian Fleming Publications and HarperCollins Publishers today announced a new 'Double O' James Bond book trilogy series, written by Kim Sherwood.

Camden-born writer Kim Sherwood has signed a deal with HarperCollins to write a trilogy of novels that promises to 'blow the world of Ian Fleming's James Bond wide open.'


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