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Bérénice Marlohe wears Swarovski jewellery in SkyFall

13 September, 2012

Swarovski announced their involvement in SkyFall with pieces in 4 styles that will be worn on screen by Bérénice Marlohe. Visitors of the Barbican Desiging 007 exhibition already caught a glimpse of these pieces in the past few months.

Swarovski and James Bond have been inextricably linked through creative collaborations for 35 years. To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated motion picture SkyFall Swarovski has created a collection of jewelry pieces inspired by the latest movie in the James Bond series.

British-born Stephen Webster, one of the most prominent jewelry designers of our time, created four exclusive designs for Swarovski which encapsulate all the movie magic of James Bond’s latest adventure. As Stephen Webster stated: “Without question, collaborating with Swarovski on the jewelry for Skyfall has been exciting from the word go. The themes in the film seem to fit perfectly with the design aesthetic of the jewelry I create, and the many creative meetings at Pinewood Studios between Swarovski, ourselves and the Bond team have only added to our enthusiasm for the project.”

swarovski love knot skyfallOn screen, it falls to French actress, Bérénice Marlohe, who plays the character of Severine in SkyFall to create the all-important link to the sexy and fascinating world of Bond by wearing select jewelry pieces from the four film-based themes.

Love Knot
For his Love Knot theme, Stephen Webster turned to an eternal symbol of devotion to express the strongest of lovers bonds. Available as a pendant, pierced earrings, bangle or ring, the intricate yet gracious design is highlighted by both black and clear crystals in a Pointiage setting; Swarovski’s exclusive hand set technique provides a unique sparkle and increased sophistication.

swarovski black bamboo skyfallBlack Bamboo
The Black Bamboo theme brings to life the air of elegancy inherent in this bamboo-inspired design. Whether interpreted as a pair of 7cm long earrings or a stunning pendant, these pieces make a dramatic impression. The refined Pointiage setting flows across the piece and hints glamorous adventure and excitement.

Heat Seeker
The ring at the heart of the Heat Seeker theme possesses a boldly original shape, certain to gain attention. Nevertheless, it also retains an essence of femininity achieved through the sophisticated use of crystal. The matching pendant and earrings are delicate interpretations of the statement ring design.

Queen Cobra
The mysterious appeal of the snake is captured in the Queen Cobra theme. The conceptmakes a powerful on-trend impact. Shimmering in the double ring is a large crystal symbolizing the apple, the forbidden fruit and the intense red color of the snake’s crystal eyes flash dramatically against the black crystals of its body. This eye-catching line also includes a pendant and a single ring.

Available in stores from mid-October 2012, the SkyFall collection provides all the aura of the world of James Bond and the ever-alluring Bond Girls, while once again illustrating Swarovski’s exploration into the infinite possibilities of crystal. Through Stephen Webster’s creative vision, SkyFall has been interpreted into charismatic jewelry pieces. As a premium gift or as a singular treat for oneself, any item of this exclusively designed collection is destined to be met with esteemed success.

More details on which exact pieces are worn in the film are announced here on Bond Lifesttyle. On the poster we can already see Severine wearing the Black Bamboo necklace and Black Bamboo earrings, which in the trailer we can see she wears in the Casino scenes.

Buy Swarovski on the official website.

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Tracey Bond "007" says..."Re: Premiering the posh of "Skyfall" jewelry & Berenice if "Severine" should don anything less than Bond-standard bling...the black bamboo, and the sophisticated crystal couturing elegance of Swarovski to make a decollete dance in the limelights longer than Flatley, from one Bond girl to another!"

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