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Everything or Nothing documentary on DVD

15 January, 2013

The definitive James Bond feature documentary Everything or Nothing: the untold story of 007 will be released on DVD in the UK on January 28th.

Everything or Nothing DVDPre-Order the DVD on for only £9.99 including free delivery (interestingly the price was first mentioned on Amazon as £14.99 until yesterday, but today, on January 15th 2013, it changed to £9.99. The price might go up again on the release date to £14.99. Something similar happened to the Bond 50 Blu-Ray box before and after it was released).

The documentary gets rave reviews (100% / 86% on, and 7.6 at IMDB) and is very well edited, with interviews from all Bond actors (except Sean Connery) mixed with quotes from the movies. Entertaining and informative, this is a must-see movie for every Bond fan.

About Everything or Nothing
Directed by Stevan Riley (Fires in Babylon) and produced by John Battsek (Searching for Sugar Man, The Imposter) and Simon Chinn (Man on Wire, Searching for Sugar Man) Everything or Nothing tells the unique story of three men with a shared dream; producers Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and author Ian Fleming. Riley chronicles the real-life battles and threats facing the franchise through five decades and 23 films of the most iconic fictional hero of modern times. The documentary focuses not only on Bond’s historical journey but also the emotional paths of Broccoli, Fleming, Saltzman and their respective families.

The film includes exclusive interviews with Bond actors George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig as well as unprecedented access to EON Productions’ extensive archive of behind the scenes material.

Order the DVD on for only £9.99 including free delivery.


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I watched this recently , it was a good watch. Goes in dept to all the legal behind the scenes ect..
A challenge of sorts...does anyone know the china pattern on Sir Hugo Drax's tea cup in Moonraker? Just curious!
Does anyone know if this DVD will play on USA DVD players. I would love to add this to my collection but not sure if my player will play region 2 DVDs. Thanks all.

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