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Can you crack the secret code on Ian Fleming's cufflinks?

02 November, 2021

Can you crack the code found on a pair of cufflinks owned by Ian Fleming? Auction house Mallams offers these unique cufflinks on November 17th 2021 and perhaps you can help to decipher what looks like a secret code on the back of the cufflinks. Updated with sale price.

ian fleming cufflinks

These cufflinks were reportedly owned by Ian Fleming and now offered for auction
Photo © Mallams

Lot 282 of the Mallams Jewellery & Watches Auction is a pair of cultured pearl set cufflinks, each circular panel (diameter 1.4cm) with radial decoration, centred with a cultured pearl accent.

By repute, these cufflinks were formerly the property of Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908 - 12 August 1964), the British writer, journalist, naval intelligence officer and author of the James Bond series of fictional spy novels.

It is thought that these cufflinks were worn by Ian Fleming to the Dr. No post film screening party in 1962.

Ian Fleming Dr No screening after party Dr No James Bond cufflinks

Ian Fleming at a Dr No post-screening party in 1962, wearing what looks like these cufflinks and his Rolex Explorer 1016 watch.
photo © Rex

The panels of the cufflinks are inscribed 'WUS', 'SIL', 'UDH' and 'NUF' and have swivel clasp fittings.

ian fleming cufflinks secret code

The cufflinks reportedly owned by Ian Fleming, have 4 sets of letters inscribed on the back
Photo © Mallams

The groups of letters inscribed to the back of them are believed to represent a code, which is apparently yet to be solved.

If you can solve the code, send a message to Bond Lifestyle or post a comment below.

The price of the cufflinks is estimated at £800 - £1200 (plus buyer's premium of 30%).

UPDATE: the final sale price of these cufflinks  was £4400 (plus buyer's premium of 30%).

For more information and bidding, visit Mallams.

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It is certainly not straight forward Caesar code. This must be an acronym of sorts. IITYWTMWYBMAD stands for "If I tell you what this means will you buy me a drink" for example. Imagine a scenario where Ian Fleming has put his cufflinks on the dresser and his girlfriend says "what are these letters on your cufflinks?" then he replies with the answer. So I'm racking my brains for a believable acronym.

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