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Levi's STA-PREST jeans

Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing Levi's STA-PREST jeans in Quantum of Solace.
Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing Levi's STA-PREST jeans in Quantum of Solace.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM
photo © Levi's
Levi's STA-PREST jeans
photo © Levi's

In the movie Quantum of Solace, when James Bond (Daniel Craig) visits Port Au Prince, Haiti (scenes filmed in Panama), he wears cream coloured Levi's 306 STA-PREST jeans, with a black shirt, Church's Ryder III shoes and later a blue Adidas Y3 jacket.

The jeans feature slim fit; zip fly; non-stretch fabric; plain front; angled slash pockets; trademark creased leg; 2 Rear welt pockets and small Black and Gold Levi's STA-PREST tab; tapered leg, narrow bottom.

The STA-PREST model is not available anymore in this cream color. The cream color version was apparently only available in the UK and Belgium.

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where to get this jeans?

My husband would love to have a pair. How and where can I purchase them.

I was really lucky as yesterday I have found a pair of them in cream colour in the Levi's outlet store at Parndorf Mc Arthur Glen Designers outlet in Austria close to Vienna.
They are size 32 just one size less than my size. So it will be my goal till summer to loose some weight.

I was really lucky as yesterday I have found a pair of them in cream colour in the Levi's outlet store at Parndorf Mc Arthur Glen Designers outlet in Austria close to Vienna.
They are size 32 just one size less than my size. So it will be my goal till summer to loose some weight.

Hi Everyone, for Bond fans in the US, I've found this item on Levi's website, it looks to be pretty darn close even if the color is described as "white" instead of "cream".

Actually Marcela the link you gave is for the Levi's 511 which is a bit different

i've try to find this item in all levis's website but i'm not found it...i find only 305 and 307 model.
can you help me?
Ps: sorry for my bad english

Any site where i can order these pants? i got to have them!

I'd be surprised if Daniel Craig really wore these in the film, I tried on a pair and they were skin tight.

I'm not a big guy, about 5'11" and 175lbs so about average size and when I put these things on I couldn't move.

Hardly practical for running around & fighting on the film set I think.

Well in most of the levis stores, they don't sell 300 series ... what a shame ! :( i already have the 511 but not the cream version ... but i think i'm going to get a new one lol (dear consumption society ... ^^)

Looking for these pants everywhere. Where can I find them. Looking for them in cream and/or khaki 31/30

Folks, can we confirm this: Are these Sta-Prest 306's or Sta-Prest 307's? It would make more sense if they were 307's, as Duncan Campbell quotes in his wardrobe of QOS article back in October, as they are slightly baggier and easier to run around in. Yet elsewhere on this site, we are convinced they are 306's. What is the final definitive verdict?

I've seen these jeans at this site but not sure if they have any more in stock. The do have a very large selection of other Levi's

i think he is actually wearing 506 in cream,then later when he meets mathis in italy he is wearing the same jeans but in a slightly darker stone the fight scene you can clearly see that they are denim not light cotton chino.

I realize that this is quite random but I believe the black casual jacket Bond is seen wearing with these pants is a Baracuta windbreaker of some sort. I'm not sure on the exact type or model, maybe a G9 or G10, but I'm pretty sure Baracuta makes the jacket. It would make sense because Baracuta is an old British brand.

These Levi jeans are different from Chino's trousers because the jeans pocket style are not slanted.Also this particular Levi is a narrow cut and the ankle width and leg length to not 'drown' the Ryder Chukka Boot worn by Craig .
This is also shown with Steve McQueen's narrow short trousers worn in the film 'Bullit'.McQueen wears a tan crepe soled chukka boot not disimilar to Church's Ryder.
You may not want to completely copy Craig's outfits so as to not to appear to obvious.Therefore why not try any good quality bone coloured jean or cotton trouser.I wear R.M Williams jeans or Bruhl Sport cotton trousers in a bone colour, narrowed to 15 inches and shortened as to not drown my chukka's.The quality of these two products is excellent.

Baracuta are indeed the original british harrington manufacturer.Most original harringtons have elasticated waist and cuffs and tartan linings which does not feature on Craigs jacket.
However,Craigs jacket is a harrington 'style' as the body of the jacket is shorter in the body than most windcheaters and also has slanted front pockets.Here,in Britain we see the Baracuta the harrington of choice for scooter revivalists who wanted to include the jacket into the 1960's 'MOD' look.
Steve McQueen may have worn a Baracuta with narrow,short trousers and tan chukka boots in The Thomas Crown Affair during the glider scenes.With the similar outfits and facial features it may well be time for Craig to play McQueen in his biography.

Thanks for the info. If it's worth anything, I read somewhere that the" windcheater" (a lovely British term by the way) Bond wore in the film was Y-3 sportswear jacket. I couldn't find it on the website but I didn't check any past seasons or anything. This would make sense because usually Y-3 makes slimmer and more modern fitting garments.

P.S. I completely agree with the Craig/ McQueen statement. :)

The new Baracuta g4 slim fit 'Made in England'looks just the job for harrington fans !

There are some pants like these available in white in the US. They are a Levi's White tab British Trouser re-issue. I found mine at an Urban Outfitters in Charleston, SC.. There are different colours on the website but no white.

Daniel Craig, is not wearing sta-prest in quantam, sorry but they just are not the same fit, I have a pair of Straw Bale colour STA PREST and they are very tight right through the leg and you can't bend down at the knee joint cos they are so tight. Also Daniel's jeans don't have a permanant crease down the middle as do STA PREST,

if you look closely at the scenes where he joins his old friend? for a glass of wine you will notice just before he sits down on his chair how short they are, almost just above ankle height.

Now for the conclusion, I just bought 2 pairs pf levi 514 from the AMERICAN LEVI SIGHT VIA A FRIEND IN CALIFORNIA, as they don't ship here, and you will note that they come in 2 colours a white colour and a beige colour.

These may or may not be the same but seeings though STA PREST are NOT manufactured in a short leg, they only come in a 32 inside, and Daniels are very short,and Daniels have no crease, and trust me you could not jump about in Sta prest they are like blood restriction jeans, then they are more likelt to be 514, which are not available at all in EUROPE only the US>


But if they weren't 306's, which model were they?

The only Levi's in a standard fit that are similar in color that I've found are the Original 501 in white, 506 Standard in Rite White (from Levi's Eurpoean website), and 539 Vintage Straight in Ripped White.

Well as I stated I think they are LEVI 514, follow this link to the US site and you will find a beige pair which I think he was wearing at the wine drink, they have almost sold out of the off white pair I know this cos I bought the last size in 33 30.

I have spent ages trying to find a similiar fit of jean and these are very close.

Lets not forget that no one really knows for sure what he was wearing but they def aint STA PREST cos they're too tight.

Hey everybody,
I don't know if DC wears a 306 Sta-Prest in QOS but if you want one you can purchase a beige one in this german onlineshop:
The shop says the 306 is about one number longer and wider at the waist than normal.
I am not the owner of this shop or an employee or so, I just wanted to show you where you can possibly get a Sta-prest.

Hi there,

I have the right one.It's official the Levi's Sta-Prest 307. You can read an article by Louise Frogley (Costume Designer). I found it in an Levi's Outlet in the Netherlands. It's an awesome piece!You feel like Bond :-)

I finally found some 306 sta-prest at the Levi's vintage shop in Paris. not a cheap price, (no levis are in Europe) at 95 Euros a pop, but worth owning. The 307s are more of a chino style than a chino style.

Thank God! I finally found the 306 STA-PREST at the Levi's outlet shop in Bremen (Germany). They are really cheap at 40 Euros. The 307s are also available in the Beige colour.

Doe's anyone know what brand and style the blue jeans DC wears in QOS?

Hi Owen,

to everybody who is searching for the Jeans Bond wears in QOS. It is the 7 For All Mankind (Slimmy in Mercer)

I just received the Levis 511's in silver birch and tan. i think this is a great alternative.

I diagree that 511 jeans are a great alternitive. They are way tight, i am talking skin tight. But 514 in white are perfect. I ordered a pair of 514 and i love tehm so much.

They are 306 for sure. Levi's Original Sta-Prest. Really cool.

Hey does anyone know what pants daniel craig is wearing in Quantum of solace when he is in italy with marthis? If so please post it

which size are they?

Found some sta prests here in America at a close out store. Got 2 pairs, 17 dollars each, brand new.


Regarding the 7 For All Mankind jeans, I highly doubt that they are the Slimmy in Mercer. I purchased a pair based on the comments below, and they are far too tight. I am 6' 2'', approximately 172 lbs, and these jeans were an extremely skinny fit (and Daniel Craig is certainly bigger than I am). Perhaps they are the Standard in Mercer?

Where I can find this item?

size 36 is not true ,way too tight, now what do I do with these jeans. they cannot be made extra material

Hey Deepak,
DC is about 10cm smaller than you are. Several websites say he is about 5'10" (1.78m). If you take a close look at the blu-ray movie, you can see the pattern on the rear pockets. It's defo slimmy in mercer style. Unfortunately you can also see, that DC's pants have two belt loops at the rear - the one I just bought has only one belt loop(!)- like all 7 jeans seem to have on their website (probably because of the credit crunch). In my opinion it is a custom made jeans for the movie (or a model from 08 or earlier). I am also quite sure that many scenes are some sort of advert only and they've just made it up for the movie. However, try to get a pair that fits and enjoy this exclusive garment.

Is it still possible to get these,if so, where?? I'm desperate to get these!
Cream especially!

I have a brand new with tags pair available in cream size 30 to 32 waist 32 length. And also a pair that is black. 306 authentic.

You will have to give me an offer I can't refuse though, because I'm thinking about keeping them. :)

p.s. they are sold out and discontinued.

How much for the 32s STA Press? Let me know thanks sir!!!

I won them on ebay for $240.00, they are in perfect condition with tags, so like I will have to be an offer I can't refuse. I would like to keep them. (this is for the cream ones in 32)


As of this writing, there's a look-alike in the J.Crew catalogue called the "vintage slim-fit jean" in "wheat." Item number is 12220Y.

I am currently selling a pair of these sta-prest jeans on ebay size 32/32

selling title: LEVIS-306 STA-PREST Jeans


Suitable offers accepted, pm me on ebay!

A relative is also selling the same style in black...

selling title: LEVIS-306 STA-PREST Jeans

PM with suitable offers!

hey all just won a pair of white levi sta prest on ebay the seller had them listed as Levi sportswear,, must have realised what they are,, 27quid woohoo,, also,if your looking for a proper connery rolex watch strap. go to "corvus watches". theres is the real strap

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