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Persol 2244

James Bond wears Persol 2244 sunglasses when he arrives on The Bahamas in Casino Royale..
James Bond wears Persol 2244 sunglasses when he arrives on The Bahamas in Casino Royale..
photo © EON, Danjaq LLC, MGM, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing
photo © Persol
Persol 2244, brown lenses, color code 834/33
photo © Persol

photo © Persol
Persol 2244
photo © Persol

In Casino Royale, James Bond wears two pairs of Persol frames. When Bond arrives in The Bahamas, he wears a Persol metal frame: Persol 2244. In the second part of the story after experiencing a number of adventures, James changes to Persol style 2720.

The Persol 2244 (or PO2244S) features sporty chic design, constructed from a metal front joined to acetate arms by satin finish metal plates. The Persol 2244 is characterized by a dynamic double bridge and by the exclusive Meflecto system with two cylinders. Available in a wide range color options, and in polarized versions. The shade wore by James Bond is option 834/33 which particularly sets off the personality of this model, with brown lenses and a gunmetal grey satin metal frame.

Currently hard to find, but there are usually a few pairs on eBay.

About Persol
Persol, a name aptly derived from the Italian 'per il sole', meaning 'for the sun', is a brand with a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence, attention to detail and a perfect marriage of technology and design. Persol glasses owe their prestige to a number of patented features. First and foremost the MEFLECTO system, consisting of tiny cylinders (two to four) inserted by a craftsman like process into the temple arms to render them flexible, thereby assuring maximum comfort and snugness of fit. Then there is a SUPREME ARROW, which is both a functional component and the company's unmistakable signature logo. And last but not least the LENSES, always made from glass of the finest quality. To this day, Persol relies upon exclusive production processes that carry forward a long tradition of excellence, coupled with an authentically Italian vocation for stylistic and technological design innovation.

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hey the frams in your stock pick are grey, buy the ones in the picture look like maybe brown like the ones on the face of the bond fan. What color are the lenses in that picture?

Sorry* I mean the stock picture of the shades makes the lenses look grey, but the in the picture of the fan whereing the shades they look like brown lenses. i wonder if it's jsut the light, and what color the lenses will be in the movie?

Worth the money, ( every penny of it ).

WOW... Is all i can say, recived these today at a very cheap price from
They also have the 2720, i must say i prefer these to the 2720, more classy and less flashy, but none the less, both are very high quality products perfect for visiting sunny countries and complementing Bond outfits.

Just got a pair of these for Christmas. I love them, but...the temple arms fit rather loosely. Is the MEFLECTO feature supposed to allow the wearer some adjustment? What's the secret to make it work? I take them to my optometrist for adjustment? They fit just loose enough that I'm afraid they may fall off if I turn my head down. Has anybody else experienced this dilema?

Sam, you can bring the glasses to a optometrist, they should be able to adjust the arms (warm the arms with a heater and then bend them slightly).

I am almost 100% sure the 834/33 code is the one from the film. I have gone to lengths that only a true(possibly obsessed) Bond fan would go to verify the correct color scheme. I now own these glasses (thanks to Sunglass Hut in my local mall), and when watching the scenes in which he is wearing them I can definitely recognize my own glasses. The stock photos are a little misleading though. The frames are actually a lighter gunmetal color on the actual glasses. They reflect light and almost look gold in the sun, like they do when Bond is driving in the Ford to the hotel. Additionally, the lenses appear darker on the real things.

Tremendous glasses as well. You definitely get what you pay for. I have never been a big sunglass wearer since they never seem to look good on me, but these actually do. They feel sturdy and the Bond story is great to tell people. Highly recommend them if you have the means.

Recieved my pair of 2244s today. They are a truely beautiful pair of sunglasses, a little big fitting on the face but maybe I just have a really small head, I dunno. Well worth the money!

they're both available at:

well, the stock picture shows black/gunmetal looking frames and grey lenses, the fan picture and the screen grab look like a silver color frames with a more brown lense. So I think that not just the lenses are different from the stock picture and the fan picture, if that makes sense.

I purchased these today and i have to say, the craftsmanship is wonderful.
I would definatly reccomend these to anyone looking for a classy yet sturdy pair of sunglasses.

This was my first pair of 'expensive' sunglasses, and right away I could see and feel the difference. Unfortunately, I lost them while horseback riding, but plan to pick up a new pair soon.

Yeah but what do you suppose the ones bond uses in the movie are. i saw the movie recently and there is a scene where he is in a car with similar glasses on but the frames seem black and the style is similar but they look more plastic like. Then later in the movie you have the scene when he is talking to M and the glasses are on his collar of his shirt. Even in the movie the glasses appear to be different. It confusing but i want the ones he wheres in the begining when he in driving the ford. They are sweet.

Why is it that despite the fact that the 2244's are shown much more prominently in the film, is the 2720-s being marketed as the limited edition James Bond sunglasses?

I mean... The 2720's appear only for a split second in two scenes, while the 2244's are shown much clearly, are for obviously much longer time periods.

man i really think that the frames in the flick were satin gunmetal and the lenses were brown.

I found this site that has the sunglasses in the gunmetal frame with brown lenses:

Hope that helps anyone who's looking for them!

Yeah, that's the site I was refering to. I really do think that they were brown lenses. I just don't see how a reflection could make the lenses look consistantly brown, you know? They just have to be brown lenses. Anyone else agree?

Hey, I just watched Casino Royal today and I'm positive that the lenses were brown. There's a scene where Bond is driving to the hotel and you can clearly see that the lenses are brown.

I've got these in the 505/58 color, gunmetal with polarized grey/green lens. While I agree the lenses look brown in some shots, they look grey in others and the temples look black in all shots and screen caps I've seen. They don't come with black temples and brown lenses so I'm thinking they are the 505/58 color in the movie.

I brought these glasses after seeing them in Casino Royale. They are amazing. I wear them with everything from my suits to my everyday clothes they never look out of place.

Dear Gents,
i wore these glasses in the movie and i liked them better then my other pares because they are much more classy well anyways i love them almost as much as women

I've got the 2244 and they are amazing, they suit everything, and after a 2 months i bought the 2720 it's no less attractive although i'm 20 years.

They look different because the 2244s have photocromatic lenses.

hi im selling a brand new pair of these sunglasses comes with box tags ect they are beautifully made sunglasses but i dont suit them unforunatly so im selling them for a BARGAIN price of 50pound if interested email me at

I have a brand new pair of Persol 2244 sunglasses up for auction on EBay.
If you are interested please check them out here (Item number: 150460134398) -


Does anybody know where you can get hold a pair of persol 2244????

Just bought a pair of the 2244 today at Macy's. They have the black/dark green lenses, are polarized, and were on clearance at the sunglass hut inside the Macy's store for $169.00. After a 20% off coupon, they cost me less than $140 including tax.

If anyone is looking for a pair of these, I have a pair of the 2244-S with 505/58 Satin Gunmetal Frame / Polarized Grey Backside AR Lenses in size 63/17-130.

They are just as new and I have the original case, cloth, cardboard box, and all paperwork for them.

I am selling them for $225 shipped. Please send me a msg at mwm5446[a.t.]gmail[d.o.t.]com if you are interested. Thanks!

Does anyone know where I can get a pair of these persol. Thanks

Looking for the persol 2244, if anyone has a pair for sale. Thanks

I have a brand new pair of the casino royale Persol 2244 in the original box for sale. Mail me if you are interested: Erik
Anyone have a pair of 2244 they'd be interested in selling me?
did u get your 2244`s.where are u based
I've found a pair for $600. A little rich for my blood, but maybe if I get a new job. Just in case, anyone want to sell me a used pair, or does anyone know if Persol has a similar style in their current range?
I have a used pair that I'm selling on eBay. Check it out if you're interested.
I was Looking back at Casino Royale and decided to re-read this article on my favorite pair of Persol Sunglasses. I have to say, when I first purchased these way back in 2008, I was so excited because this was my first actual Bond collector's item. Not only did I buy them in the screen accurate color/model, I did not have to pay what they are worth now in 2015. I got mine in the 834/33 shade with brown lenses and gunmetal grey satin metal frame for only $126.00 even on eBay. Seeing as they are a part of Bond history and Bond culture, I would never part with these glasses. The 2244S are truly a classic, yet elegant pair of shades and who better to wear them than 007 himself. So glad I was among the ones who was fortunate enough to buy and own this pair of Persol.
Hi, I'm looking to buy a pair of these persol 2244s with the same 834/33 color combination that was used in the film. If anyone has a pair for sale or has a link to somewhere that still has them in stock please email me.
Hello I am interested in a pair of Persol 2244s with the 834/33 color. If anyone has or knows of someone selling a pair kindly let me know. Thanks

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