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Persol 2672

In Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan wears Persol PE2672-S when he is in Havana, Cuba.
In Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan wears Persol PE2672-S when he is in Havana, Cuba.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, 20th Century Fox
photo © Persol
Persol 2672 sunglasses, tortoise frame
photo © Persol

photo © Persol
Die Another Day Persol 2672 advertisement
photo © Persol

In Die Another Day, Pierce Brosnan wears Persol PE2672-S when he is in Havana, Cuba. The glasses can be seen when he walks to Raoul's cigar factory, and when he drives in the 1957 Ford Fairlane to the beach bar where he meets Jinx (Halle Berry).

According to Persol, this model was "specially crafted to tie in the brand characteristics of the eyewear with those of the Bond character - understated elegance and sophistication. James Bond is the ultimate confident, ultra-cool, classic character that is renowned for his impeccable style. The Persols featured on Bond are an accessory that reflects the distinctive style of his character."

A new accessory for Bond and a new addition to the Persol collection at the time of the movie, PE 2672-S was an upgraded version of the classic tortoise plastic frame with a dark brown crystal lens complete with the signature silver arrow on the temple.

The Persols featured in the film are a universal style that wrap smoothly around the face and compliment most face shapes and sizes. They feature Persol's unique Meflecto Flexible temples that form to one's face to provide a comfortable, perfect fit. While maintaining its reputation for timeless class, Bond's Persols are the perfect accessory for the confident individual.

The glasses came in two sizes: 57mm or 61mm. The size of a pair is mentioned in the inside of the temple, either 57 [] 16 or 61 [] 16.

The Persol 2672 featured in the film was available at most optical providers at the time, but now you will have to go to eBay, where these glasses are offered for high prices.

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Yes, yes, I bought these for the sole reason that they were featured in Die Another Day but a great outcome was I LOVED the way they looked. Although a bit expensive you will notice the quality immediately in the heft and feel. But that is also the problem....these glasses are NOT light and therefore if you have skin like mine the glass lenses will take their toll on the brifge of your nose. If you don't mind red marks on your nose after you remove these glasses then read on....

The visual accuity of the glasses are amongst the best I own...clear and crisp are te words of the day and yu would swear the world looks brighter when you wear them...

WARNING: These are not for small faced or small headed individuals.

This is one item that is true to Bond as Persol still makes sophisticated, quality, classic and masculine eyeglasses polarized of course. Worthy of Bond! Now if we can get back to Rolex Subs, Savile Row suits and John Lobb shoes/boots, Bond will earn the respect of connoisseurs and Bond fans everywhere.

Tried to find these on the Persol website, but it appears they no longer make this model. Is this true? Does anyone know where I could get a pair?

Very recently I was able to purchase the highly coveted (by me :) Person 2672-S (in black) from an international seller on eBay. I have been on the hunt for these glasses and they are obviously rare since they no longer produce this model. I have to say, they have an incredible fit and in my opinion fit better on me than my other Bond-related Persols. I wish I was able to get the screen accurate color but given the circumstances that these are now almost impossible to come by, I was happy to purchase the color black. Truly a Bond collector's item!
Hi, I can't find the model of glasses worn by Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye, on his arrival in Cuba. Can you help me?

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