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Interstuhl AirPad 3C42 chair

photo © Interstuhl
Interstuhl AirPad 3C42, M's chair in Quantum of Solace
photo © Interstuhl

photo © Interstuhl
Interstuhl AirPad 5C30 chairs can be seen in the same office
photo © Interstuhl

M (Judi Dench) sits on a Interstuhl AirPad 3C42 office swivel chair in her MI6 office in SkyFall (2012).

The Interstuhl AirPad is a swivel chair with Body-Float synchro mechanism and weight adjustment, membrane backrest. Many elements of this chair can be configured on the Interstuhl website.

Since its launch AirPad has a permanent place in the world of high-quality office chairs, technology and design convey a dynamic and healthy sitting experience. The completely redeveloped movement sequences during sitting created by designers Andreas Krob and Joachim Brüske have now found many thrilled devotees. The innovative membrane back constitutes an evolution of the swivel seat back.

As Helmut Link, CEO marketing and sales explains "The AirPad range is beautifully distinctive, exuding opulence and character, and we’ve been fortunate that this appeals to set and interior designers. Having it feature in the latest James Bond film is a great compliment. We are now once again in James Bond movies.”

In the same office we can also see many Interstuhl Airpad 5C30 visitor chairs, black with chrome frame (read more).

In Quantum of Solace (2008), Interstuhl chairs could also be seen in the MI6 office. Read more about those Interstuhl Silver Chairs here.

In SPECTRE (2015) Interstuhl KINETICis5 and MOVYis3 chairs can be seen in Oberhauser's lair.

On the desk in the SkyFall MI6 office, we can see the Royal Doulton Bulldog statue,  an Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Tavolo table lamp and JBL On Tour XTB speakers and a Sony microphone.

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It doesn't seem like you can order one. Am I missing something? I'm in the US.
Visit the Interstuhl website for a retailer near you:
How much does this chair cost in US dollars?
You can visit to purchase Interstuhl products in the USA. Thanks!

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