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Orlebar Brown Setter Sky

photo © Orlebar Brown
Orlebar Brown Setter Sky
photo © Orlebar Brown

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia Pictures
The first promotional image for SkyFall features Bond in Orlebar Brown Setter Sky swimming shorts
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia Pictures

photo © Orlebar Brown
Orlebar Brown Setter Sky side
photo © Orlebar Brown

photo © Orlebar Brown
Orlebar Brown Setter Sky details
photo © Orlebar Brown

The shorts worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig) in the film SkyFall have been identified by Forum member sruzgar and confirmed by one of our sources as Orlebar Brown Setter Sky swimming shorts. The shorts could already be spotted in one of the first images from the SkyFall movie where we see Bond sitting in a swimming pool (a scene filmed in the luxurious pool of the London Four Seasons Hotel in Canary Wharf) and in the film the shorts can be spotted as well.

The Orlebar Brown Setter Sky shorts feature adjustable, engraved tabs at the sides and a zip fly with a single press stud closure. The shorts are made of a quick drying polyamide fabric. The product code of the Orlebar Brown Setter Sky shorts seen in the film is 25011530.

The shorts are a good choice for Bond, with their 1950s look, shorter length and tailored fit they are reminiscent of Sean Conney style shorts.

For a few years the shorts in Sky were not available anymore, but in June 2019, the colour Sky was made available again as a replica (product code 5056218158540), as part of the Orlebar Brown 007 Collection. It features the "Orlebar Brown 007" tag on the inside, but that's the only difference with the original Sky shorts seen in the film.

Get your pair of Orlebar Brown Setter Sky at the official Orlebar Brown website.

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Thanks to sruzgar for the ID

Product Code: 

Orlebar Brown


Looks like it is a Setter II. Like the style and length. Best thing is they come in many different color. Great choice for Bond!

They also do a ladies version!

As much as I love Bond, I have to say £125 is a bit to much for a pair of shorts, which to validate the cost even slightly require you to tell everyone you meet; "Oh they're the same ones Daniel Craig wore for that 45 seconds in Skyfall"
I agree, they are good looking, but not 125 punds good looking. Is there a more frugal alternative?
I'm also searching for a more frugal short that has the same style, searched Abercrombie, AE and Holister but nothing, I thought maybe does brands have something alike but no.
I just picked up a pair that look very close to these at J. Crew. Light blue, shorter leg and zippers. Regularly $59.
I just ordered a similar pair from Look under the Sale section > Swimwear for the Riviera Swim Short. I got the light blue ones for £9! Not identical, but much cheaper.
Bond is neither frugal nor on the cheap. If it were easy, everyone would live like Bond.
Marks & Spencer do a David Gandy range of shorts, including pale blue and with side adjustment buttons, similar to the Orlebar Browns but a fraction of the price.
It appears the dye to the original shorts (seen here) are different than the ones re-released. Is that true?

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