Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100

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Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100
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The Seiko G757 Sports 100 watch is used by Bond (Roger Moore) in Octopussy. The Seiko is equipped with a tracking device to locate the Fabergé egg, and is clearly visible several times in the movie: first in Q's lab (Bond is already wearing the watch before Q explains what it can actually do), and later it is used to track the Fabergé egg.

This watch is very sought after and rare. Beware of sellers on eBay offering similar Seiko models, claiming it to be the Bond watch, but there is only one, and that is the one pictured here, the Seiko G757 5020. Look for the version with black 'horseshoe' (the shape around the digital screen) and metal band.

Buyers should watch out for the wording SPORTS 100 on the black bezel. There is a model G 757-5000 available with Silverwave wording on the black bezel. The shape is all the same, except the Silverwave wording and a slightly different LCD display.

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how much would u pay for it

I have the G 757-5000, its almost 30 years old, my dad gave it to me

I have the G757-5020, how much would u pay for it?
I used to own a Seiko Sports 100 Chronograph G757 [ horse shoe ] and would be interested in finding another one. Does anyone have one in good condition they might like to sell for a reasonable price? I know that the watch was used in the James Bond movies so I'm not interested in one that someone wants to sell based on that. The watch model was a standard Seiko for its day and I'm only concerned with finding one as I liked the features.
Ich hätte gerne mal gewusst ob diese Uhr mit Melody ist und was sie kostet!
Is this the the most desirable quartz watch ever made? I tend to think so. The G757 is the most sought after line of Seiko digitals, and of all the versions, the 5020 is the undisputed King. The Bond connection adds to the appeal, but in its own right this watch is rugged, versatile, and distinctive - a very masculine but handsome watch. A good condition example is going to set you back a four figure amount, and don't think you'll buy one in mediocre condition and refurbish, because parts are virtually non-existent. The non-symmetrical band is almost impossible to find, so weight this up if you are on the hunt. So if you are in the market for a watch with credentials, and don't want to be someone wearing "just another Rolex", the this is a watch worthy of your consideration.
I really want this watch, new or mint condition. Please contact me guys if you find one. EBay mostly has regular g757 not the 5020 sport. My eBay id is victoriamerchant or comment here. Much appreciated.

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