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Wild & Wolf Scrabble Q mug


In SkyFall, Q (Ben Whishaw) uses a Wild & Wolf Q mug. The mug shows a letter (Q) and a number (10) which refers to the value of the letter in the game Scrabble.

Wild & Wolf produces two different versions of the mug: the UK version which is used in the movie (see picture on the left) and a USA version, which features another font. The cup as seen in the film is available at (update 2016: note that some sellers offer the design with a different font). The American version currently ships only the US model of the cup with the different font.

The ceramic mug measures 3.54" (9cm) tall x 3.34" (8,5cm) diameter.

On the same desk, we can spot a Polycom SoundStation2 conference phone.

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There is no metion in the product description that the letters and their values are listed on the reverse as in the film, can you confirm that it does have? Have found with this deatail on ebay, but out of stock!
It's true, the back of the mug has a description of the letters and values, and on the bottom it reads very large "SCRABBLE". Will add some more images soon.
I thought it was because this Q is the second Q, and in binary, 2 equals 10 :-)
Hello together, I got this e-mail today maybe it will help you. Andre from Germany Hi This is just a quick message to notify you that we now have Scrabble Mug | Q in stock. Buy it now at! Kind regards, Bloomsbury Store

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