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Vintage Sheffield Salt and Pepper Shaker

photo © MGM, Danjaq, LLC and Columbia Pictures
Screenshot from the film, showing the salt and pepper shaker (left) and only the pepper shaker (right)
photo © MGM, Danjaq, LLC and Columbia Pictures

photo © eBay
A vintage Sheffield Salt (left) and Pepper (right) shaker set, similar to the one used in the film, recently sold on eBay.
photo © eBay

In the movie Casino Royale (2006), James Bond  (Daniel Craig) uses a vintage Sheffield salt shaker.

During the long poker game at Casino Royale, Bond realises that he has been poisoned by Le Chiffre. He leaves the poker table, takes a salt shaker and a glass from a nearby dining table and rushes to the bathroom. There he pours the salt in some water and drinks it so he would vomit and get the poison out of his body.

The vintage Sheffield salt shaker is part of a silverplated Pepper and Salt shaker set (the pepper shaker can also be seen on the dining table), and is made in England. There are some similar looking variations of the Shefflied sets, but the most similar is the one pictured on the left.

You can sometimes find these on eBay of you look for vintage Sheffield salt pepper shaker.

Thanks to Richmenstoys for the ID

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