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Cartamundi Casino Royale Poker Cards and Chips

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Casino Royale Poker Cards, as seen in the film
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Casino Royale Poker Cards, in their original packaging
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Cartamundi
The large set with wooden box, cards, dealer button, chips
photo © Cartamundi

photo © Cartamundi
The small set with cards, dealer button, chips
photo © Cartamundi

The big chips (of 500,000 and 1,000,000) are replicas. The originals were never released and are not available for sale

Cartamundi, a Belgian company that is the global market leader in the production and sale of playing cards, was the exclusive supplier of playing cards and poker chips in Casino Royale. The company was asked by EON Productions to design and produce the playing cards and the poker chips for the scenes that plays an important role in the Bond film, in collaboration with the producing company itself.

Cartamundi was already an official licensee for the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day. At the time, Cartamundi acquired its worldwide licence to market a range of Bond products, featuring images from the first 19 Bond pictures.

Casino Royale Cards and Chips
For three key scenes in Casino Royale, including the final scene in the Casino Royale casino of Montenegro, Cartamundi produced three different card decks and chips. They were manufactured in the factory in Turnhout, Belgium. Cartamundi worked in close collaboration with the producer's design department to decide on the look and style of these decks and chips, so that they would fit in with the overall style of the movie.

Besides the famous Casino Royale poker game, other cards produced by Cartamundi for the movie are the Ocean Club cards and chips seen in the poker game between Bond and Dimitrios in the One & Only Ocean Club, where Bond wins the Aston Martin DB5. Those cards and chips were never sold unfortunately and the set for the poker game of LeChiffre on his yacht.

The Casino Royale branded cards as seen in Casino Royale are still available, in red and black, or in combination with the dvd or scale car models, for example on, and the German Amazon store.

A Deluxe Poker Set was produced, featuring a beautifully carved wooden case with Casino Royale embossing, 2 Casino Royale poker decks: one black, one red, Texas Hold'em rules, 200 branded Casino Royale chips: $5 x 75, $25 x 75, $100 x 25, $500 x 25, a Dealer button.

S.T. Dupont (known for the cufflinks featued in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace), created an even more exclusive set in an exclusive box with two decks of playing cards, chips, a dealer button, an S.T. Dupont Casino Royale Xtend lighter. This set was limited to 307 individually numbered pieces, and can now sometimes be found on eBay.

Cartamundi released a new set of collector's cards for the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace, a set of cards featuring images from the movie, which wasn't used by Bond or other characters in the movie itself.

For SkyFall (2012), once again a poker scene featured Cartamundi designed playing cards and chips of the Floating Dragon Macau casino. Also a set of 50th Anniversary products was released by Cartamundi in 2012.

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You might try ebay for these as I have just got my set of playing cards there. Look up seller "bondgallery".

This is a great product from Cartamundi, & helps to bring a touch of class and excitement to any poker game. Sure to impress any James Bond/poker fans you know.

Also, the weblink below has a Casino Royale poker set available which contains the European exclusive high roller chips ($5,000, $25,000, & $100,000). These are exact replicas of the high-denomination chips used by James Bond, Le Chiffre, Felix Leiter, & the other players in the tournament.

Incredibly good product - one of the best ever produced by an official Eon Licencee ...Design is quite sober , box being quite heavy when full . Casino chips similar to the ones used in the casino sequence of the CASINO ROYALE film ...You'll feel like Bond ( or...Le Chiffre ! ) when playing with'em !!!

Very high quality poker set, put together to exactly the same specifications as the set used in the movie. Comprises of two sets of cards, 200 poker chips of various values, a dealer button and a full set of Texas Hold 'em rules. And if that wasn't enough you also get a beautifully finished hardwood case to store all the pieces in. A worthy addition to any Bond collection!

Here is a link describing the Casino Royale Limited Edition DVD/Poker Pack -

They are also selling a variation of this in a metal case, I think, which includes the 2-disc DVD of the movie.

I have both the black and the red deck. These are really great cards and they add a bit of class to your games!

If you think buying cheap cards doesn't matter, you may be right. But after you play with these you will never want to go back to anything else. I finally opened the ones that came with my Casino Royale DVD and they're great. I'm having a very difficult time finding a full poker set by Cartamundi though.

Poor attention to detail - the 500k and 1m tablettes pictured here have 'Casino Royal' not 'Royale' on them.

The "Casino Royal" on the tablets is because they are replicas. As stated below the image the tablets were never released by Carta Mundi for the general public, so only replicas (as pictured) can be found, and those replicas have a misspelling to evade copyrights.

I have an actual casino royale chip. I was given as a gift.
If you take a good look of the Chips offer for sale by Cartamundi, you’ll realize that most of it aren’t really the same version of the ones that featured in the film-unlike the Poker Cards, which are totally accurate … With the possible exception of the black & red “$100,000” in the last picture (which I’m not so sure that it’s available in any Cartamundi set for sale), these chips have wrong money numbers and some little differences in its design.
… I correct my former comment… The Cartamundi Poker set that mostly has chips that aren’t used in the movie Casino Royale (with the exception of the $500 chips) is only the small one, whereas the large set has all the kinds of chips featured in the film. However, I think the inclusion of the movie+ OO7 logo in both Poker sets- unlike the Poker Cards decks, sold separately from the chips, somehow breaks the illusion of own something from (a real) Casino Royale.
… After some resource, I found out that the $100’s and $500’s chips do featured in the Advance Quad of Casino Royale, but not in the movie. And I just acquired a $100 chip that came along with the two decks of poker cards (black & red) that are included in the “Exclusive 2-Disc Limited Edition Casino Royale DVD”, and I have to say that all looks really pretty, and particularly this Black/Orange chip exceeds my expectative for quality and sophistication… It seems all painted (no tacky stickers) and it has two layers- so to speak; in fact, as far as I know it’s made from plastic, but with its 14 grams it feels more like a much heavier and solid material.

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