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TAG Heuer Airline GMT

TAG Heuer Airline GMT

General Pushkin wears a TAG Heuer Airline GMT wristwatch in The Living Daylights (1987).

Pushkin (played by John Rhys-Davies) uses the watch in the film to alert the security guard that he needs help when he is held at gunpoint by James Bond (Timothy Dalton).

General Pushkin's TAG Heuer watch in the film has a gadget feature installed by the Soviet equivalent of Q branch: the watch's crown acts as the panic button. If the general pushes the crown, a beeping alarm goes off with his private security guard. Also a red light starts blinking on the dial, just above the AIRLINE HEUER logo and below the 12 o'clock indicator.

The TAG Heuer Airline GMT watch seen in the film has a dark steel and gold case, a grey dial, gold bezel with 24 hours markings. The dial reads "AIRLINE HEUER Quartz 200 Meters GMT" and has a small date window at the 3 o'clock position.

The hand with the arrow acts as the GMT time hour hand.

The steel band has the names of timezones engraved in the links of the bracelet, with the names of cities and the GMT time difference in hours. The lugs feature Daylight Savings markings.

The TAG Heuer Airline GMT with black/grey dial and world time markings on the bracelet can be found at eBay and Chrono24 for $1100 - $1600.

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In the same film, James Bond himself also wears a TAG Heuer watch, a TAG Heuer 980.031 Night-Diver.

(photo of the TAG Heuer Airline GMT courtesy of Chrono24)

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