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Swaine Adeney Brigg Bond Attaché Case

Swaine Adeney Brigg Bond Attaché Case

This fantastic Swaine Adeney Brigg attaché case issued to all 00 agents as standard by Q-Branch is a Black leather briefcase, with its distinctive Red skiver lining which has gone on to become a very popular bespoke item. Swaine Adeney Brigg made the first case for the film From Russia with Love (1963) and it featured an array of gadgetry that would become standard as the films continued. The Attaché would save Bond's life a number of times throughout the film.

In the movie From Russia With Love, the case contained gold coins, 20 rounds of ammunition, hidden in the sides, and flat throwing knives that Bond uses to stab Red Grant during his vicious fight aboard the Orient Express. The case also featured a 0.25 caliber AR7 folding rifle with infrared sight. This was contained inside the briefcase and was used by Bond to shoot the SPECTRE helicopter pilot dropping grenades on him at the end of the film.

The filmmakers stayed true to the novel, since the Swaine and Adeney brand is mentioned by Ian Fleming in the original novel From Russia With Love: "Q Branch had put together this smart-looking bag, ripping out the careful handiwork of Swaine and Adeney to pack fifty rounds of .25 ammunition, in two flat rows, between the leather and the lining of the spine.". This is not the only time that the brand is mentioned. In the novel You Only Live Twice, Bond remarks: "I must get Swaine and Adeney to make me a two-yard-long walking stick."

The case that can be purchased today has no pockets in the lid, so is an open box inside. Swaine Adeney Brigg can only supply you with an exact replica of the case they made originally for the film; any modifications you choose to make are down to your own imagination. Swaine Adeny Brigg can personalize your case with embossed initials.

Update 2023: The case is offered as the "BOND ATTACHÉ" case and the company is now trading under the Swaine name (without Adeney Brigg).

Style: ARE18DP Red Skiver

Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 4.5"

Price in 2023: £3200 / approx. $3700

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Read a 2020 forum post on AJB007 to see lots of images and more info on this case.

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incorrectly priced item, see our official website for accutate price

Thanks, the price has been updated.

"...with it's distinctive Red skiver lining..."

It should be "...with its distinctive..." not "...with it's distinctive..."


Grammar Nazi

it is not a 100% replica since the locks and release our different. In the film Bond turns the catches 90 degrees to open the case, but the "replica" does not have the same catches. A small point, but worth noting.

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