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Range Rover Sport HSE

The grey Range Rover Sport is used by Bond in Bolivia.
The grey Range Rover Sport is used by Bond in Bolivia.
photo © Land Rover
photo © Land Rover
The black Range Rover Sport HSE can be seen in the London Scene where Bond is driven to MI6
photo © Land Rover

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
Bond in the Bolivian desert, trading his Range Rover for an airplane
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

In Quantum of Solace James Bond can be spotted in two different versions of the Range Rover Sport.

First, Bond is driven by someone else to the MI6 headquarters in London, in a black Right Hand Drive Sport HSE, license plate BJ57 OGD.

In Bolivia, Bond has his own Range Rover Sport HSE, grey, in which he first drives to and from the Greene party. He uses the same car to drive in to the desert wth Camille, eventually leaving the luxury vehicle as collateral in exchange for a plane.

The Range Rover Sport is a luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Land Rover since 2005. It shares its platform with the Land Rover Discovery rather than the larger Range Rover. Land Rover calls the vehicle a sports tourer. It slots below the Discovery/LR3 in size and has seating for five. The top-level Sport is powered by a supercharged 390 PS (287 kW/390 hp) 4.2 L AJ-V8. A normally-aspirated 4.4 L version is available with 300 PS (220 kW/295 hp).

Range Rover (or rather Land Rover) is owned by Ford, who supplied most of the vehicles in Quantum of Solace. The Range Rover is quite a fuel inefficient vehicle, making it not the ideal car for environmentalists. On the other hand, if you're planning to drive in the deserts of Bolivia, then maybe the Ford Ka is not the best choice either.

Engine: 4.4 & 4.2 liter V8
Weight: 5468 & 5671 lbs
Aspiration: optional supercharger
Torque: 315 & 410 lb-ft
HP: 300 & 390 hp
0-60 mph: 8.2 & 7.2 seconds
Top Speed: 130 mph & 140 mph

In the film SkyFall, more Range Rovers appear, including a Range Rover Vogue SE, in which Bond is transported.

Price $58,500 & $71,950 (super)

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How unfortunate Land Rover is owned by Tata now. Pretty soon it'll probably be made of recycled toilet paper with environmentally friendly bamboo exhaust pipes or something. It also dissapoints me that Land Rover hasn't made a vehicle with a manual transmission for years also.

Two points; Land Rover Defender can be purchased with a manual gearbox in the UK, but there could be regional variations, so that may explain your comment. Also, Tata have done a good job of investing in JLR as a corporate so far and their upcoming model offerings look impressive. Skyfall seems to use the range widely, if pre-release rushes are correct, further underlining the JB/RR/LR connection. I fortunately drive a Range Rover Sport HSE, so have to declare an interest.
The new Land Rover Range Rover Sport provides a tremendous power increase from a standard supercharged HSE model that boasts almost 400-hp!

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