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Land Rover Defender Double Cab


Eve (Naomie Harris) drives a Land Rover Defender Double Cab in the movie SkyFall (2012). James Bond rides as a passenger in the vehicle (we can see Daniel Craig jump out of the Land Rover in this behind the scenes video), but he doesn't drive the car himself.

The exact Land Rover model is a Defender Double Cab, 110 wheelbase version in the color Stornoway Grey Metallic. Land Rover wheelIt looks like the Land Rover has white heavy duty steel wheels with five holes (as pictured on the right).

Several of these Land Rovers were specially adjusted by Berkshire Land Rover for use in the film. One of these Land Rovers was offered for sale by Berkshire Land Rover on eBay, but this auction has ended. If you're interested in this $85,000 piece of movia memorabilia, contact Berkshire Land Rover (note: the vehicle is for display purposes only and can't be registered as a vehicle in the USA).

Another Land Rover Defender used for the filming of SkyFall was on display at Harrods department store in London. See the Land Rover being set up at Harrods in the video below:

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