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OPI nailpolish SkyFall collection


OPI released a nailpolish range inspired by the Bond films and SkyFall in particular. The promotional ads and displays for the OPI SkyFall collection feature Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe (Severine in SkyFall).

Most of the colors are nice and dark, but don't seem to have much to do with the movie they were 'inspired' by. The most original product is the OPI The Man With The Golden Gun version, which contains real flecks of 18kt gold (although for $28, don't expect those flecks to be very big) and it comes in collectible gold container.

The OPI Skyfall / James Bond Winter 2012 Collection nail polish colors consists of the following products:
OPI Skyfall
OPI Casino Royale
OPI Die Another Day
OPI The World Is Not Enough
OPI Tomorrow Never Dies
OPI GoldenEye
OPI The Living Daylights
OPI Moonraker
OPI The Spy Who Loved Me
OPI The Man with the Golden Gun 18k Top Coat
OPI Live and Let Die
OPI On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
OPI You Only Live Twice
OPI James Bond Bond-ettes Mini Set (Golden Eye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Is Not Enough, Live and Let Die)

The individual bottles are available on Amazon for $6.69 (USA) or £9.95 (UK), or €12 (Germany).

The Bond-ettes Mini sets are available for $12.45 in the USA, or £10.95 in the UK, or €16.95 in Germany.

The Man With The Golden Gun version is available for $79.99 (USA)£26.85 (UK) or €45 (Germany).

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Does anyone know of a post or press release explaining how the colors tie in to the films they're named for? Thanks!
I don't think the colors tie in much with the content or title of the film, except for some obvious ones like the golden nailpolish for GoldenEye and The MandWith The Golden Gun.
Hi I know this is a long shot I want to buy Opi Skyfall nail polish color Tomorrow never dies a really blue color hope someone can get me one I dont care if has been used as it will be Regards Rosemary.

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