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Ocean Sky Bombardier Challenger 604 private jet


James Bond only settles for the best, and so do his wealthy enemies. So when they travel to and from Austria in Quantum of Solace, they fly a Bombardier Challenger 604 private jet from Ocean Sky. Ocean Sky is one of the leading private jet operators and jet centres specialising in business jet charter and aircraft charter.

The scenes include interior and exterior shots of the planes and the scene with a woman in full Ocean Sky uniform (made by the fashion designer Hugo Boss) behind an Ocean Sky-branded check-in desk. After his American Express Centurion Card is refused, Bond asks her to tell the next person that calls her that he's leaving for Cairo. Not only is the Ocean Sky logo visible for several seconds, the woman behind the desk even mentions the brandname, when she picks up the phone with "Ocean Sky, guten Abend.".

In an earlier scene, we see Dominic Greene, Elvis, Gregg Beam and Felix Leiter arrive in an Ocean Sky Jet in the airport near the Opera. The logo of Ocean Sky can clearly be spotted when Beam and Leiter wave Dominic Greene goodbye.

The airport we see in Quantum of Solace is the airport of Friedrichshafen (Germany), which is close to Bregenz (in Austria), where the Opera scene takes place. The crew filmed at the airport for a few days, and the actors and crew arrived at this airport to start their filming in Bregenz in May/April 2008.

Ocean Sky's involvement in Quantum of Solace was maybe the biggest sponsorship deal in the film. The company lent five of its jets, which are valued at £100million, to EON Productions, which were used to fly the cast and crew out to Panama for a week. Ocean Sky usually charges £5,000 per hour for the planes, putting the cost of the deal at around £600,000. In return Ocean Sky featured several times in the film.

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