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Leica M10

James Bond in his villa in Jamaica. Can you spot the Leica camera?
James Bond in his villa in Jamaica. Can you spot the Leica camera?
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
photo © Leica
Bond probably has this version, the Leica M10 with all black body
photo © Leica

photos © Danjaq LLC, MGM / Leica
This is all we have to go on, a tiny corner of the camera, but it seems to all match the back of the Leica M10
photos © Danjaq LLC, MGM / Leica

James Bond (Daniel Craig) has a black chrome Leica M10 camera in his Jamaican villa in the movie No Time To Die (2021).

The camera can just be spotted on a promotional photo that was released in January 2021.

If the camera will be visible in the final film remains to be seen - this page will be updated once we have seen the movie.

In the same film, Q (Ben Whishaw) has a Leica Q2 camera in his apartment.

Leica is an official partner of No Time To Die and has a released two special editions of the Q2 camera: a Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams edition and a Leica Q2 007 Edition.

Leica has one more link with James Bond: in the novel Goldfinger, Bond uses a Leica M3 camera.

You can buy the latest model of the Leica M10 in black chrome or silver chrome online on eBay, or find it on Amazon or Adorama for approx £7,200 / $8,995.

James Bond villa in Jamaica
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