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Galco Executive Shoulder Holster

photo © Galco International
Galco Executive Shoulder Holster (black)
photo © Galco International

photo © United Artists, Danjaq, EON Productions
Bond wearing the Galco Executive shoulder holster in Tomorrow Never Dies
photo © United Artists, Danjaq, EON Productions

photo © Prop Store
James Bond’s (Pierce Brosnan) Hero Walther PPK Pistol, Silencer and Holster from GoldenEye
photo © Prop Store

The Galco Executive is James Bond's shoulder holster for his Walther PPK in the movies GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough.

Suitable for wear under everything from formal evening clothes to casual attire, the Executive carries a compact handgun in a horizontal position, ready for instant action.

The ultimate in dress design, the classic Executive is a fully lined, hand-molded, open front holster. The extremely comfortable fully lined Italian calf harness includes a 1" wide elastic support strap with a tri-slide and adjustable suspender clip that fastens to the belt line of the trousers. The suspender clip is made of solid brass in Galco's in-house foundry. The Executive holster includes a tension screw adjustment to enhance security, and combat grip accessibility to ensure a smooth draw.

Made for a select number of semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers, the Executive is available in right or left hand designs in black finish.

Find a selection of these Galco shoulder holsters on eBay and a Galco for the PPK on ($159,99) and Uncrate ($160).

About Galco
Galco International was founded by Richard N. Gallagher in 1969 as a small family business in Chicago, Illinois. Known then as "The Original Jackass Leather Company", Gallagher specialized in holsters constructed of horsehide.

In 1980 the name of the company was changed to Galco International, and in 1983 the business was moved from Chicago to its present home in Phoenix, Arizona. Already famous for high quality and innovative designs, Galco gained worldwide notoriety when Don Johnson chose to wear the Jackass shoulder rig in the popular TV series "Miami Vice". Now known as the Miami Classic, this shoulder rig continues to be the most famous, recognizable, and imitated (but never duplicated) shoulder holster rig ever made.

Not only does Galco continue to be the favorite choice of Hollywood's hottest stars, but most branches of the military, federal law enforcement, and most local law enforcement agencies have put Galco holsters to work for them. Likewise civilians have found Galco to represent the highest quality the industry has to offer. From our Premium saddle leather, Ballistic nylon, and of course horsehide, to the designs that have made Galco famous, Galco continues to be "for those who demand the best... and know the difference."

Official Retail Price: $199.95, available on eBay or Amazon ($159,99) but currently hard to find.

Other Shoulder holsters

Daniel Craig wears the Vega shoulder holster in his James Bond films. This brown suede Vega holster is available on Amazon for $25, in different sizes (IB339 for the P99 and IB333 for the PPK)

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I own this shoulder holster for the Sig p230/232 and I find it VERY comfortable! I wear a suit frequently and it does not show. I can wear it casual all day long and am considering getting a second for the Smith & Wesson J frame revolver as I have two and I have NO doubt I will like it.

Would like to find something like this for my Sig P238. similar size to the Walter PPK of Bond fame. Is there a store somewhere I could look at one? My zip code is 25526 Thanks
Does anyone know the make and model of the shoulder holster shown at the beginning of Goldfinger? Its the one Bond is wearing in the fight scene where he electocutes a bad guy in a bathtub. The band part is blue and looks "stretchy". The holster is tan colored, i assume leather. It looks cool. Anyone?
I believe the Goldfinger rig was specially designed for the series. I never encountered a production version of it. I agree it is cool especially when 007 uses the tie down.
I am looking for a James Bond type executive style shoulder holster to fit a (Browning) 1911 .22 (3.75" bbl); do you have a product that would suffice...?
I have worn this holster with Sig 232 for two years now and find it the best conceal holster of all because almost impossible to detect and a fast draw. The only fault I find is that the elastic begins to get weak and needs a way to fast replace it. A GREAT comfortable conceal holster.
Would you like to sell your 230/232 holster?
Would like to purchase when executive shoulder holster for the Walter PPK. Can you please help?
Would like to purchase the executive holster and rig for a Walther PPKS.
I would really like to have one of those shoulder holsters for my Walther ppk but I cannot seem to find one.
Trying to find the Galco Executive Shoulder Holster for a Walther PPK. They have been discontinued but if anyone has one for sale I would like to purchase for my son who is currently serving in the US Air Force. Thank you!
Looking for the Executive Style shoulder holster Made by GALCO LEATHER, fitted for the WALTHER PPK, but since discontinued. Shall Pay a Premium for on ne in GOOD condition, normal wear acceptable, thanks
Can I get an Excutive that fits a Glock 43x?
Anyone knows where to get this for Walther PPK currently? My local store with a bunch of Galco holster( ) has some Miami classic but no Executives. Talked to folks there and they told me that there were none to order from Galco themselves at the moment(checked with their support and they confirmed it).

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