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On The Tracks Of 007 presents ‘7 Minutes Of Bond Locations’

24 August, 2020

This year marks the 25th anniversary of James Bond location guide On The Tracks of 007, making it the longest running James Bond dedicated website. To celebrate this, owner Martijn Mulder will release 25 video magazines on YouTube, filled with location info, anecdotes and info from the world of 007.

7 minutes james bond locations martijn mulder tracks 007

The first 7 minute video, about Jamaica, was released on Friday August 21 on the On The Tracks of 007 YouTube Channel.

In 1995, Martijn Mulder (1971, the Netherlands) took his hobby of tracking down filming locations from the James Bond films online and published ‘The James Bond locations page’. The one page website was nothing more than a long list of locations per film, but it quickly reached an audience eager for information.

Mulder started travelling to the locations he had found, to photograph these places. The travel stories he wrote would be published in 2008 under the new name On The Tracks of 007. In the years leading up to that, the photos were used online to create visually interesting then/now comparisons. This feature would become the basis of an ever growing fan community, daily making similar contributions to the redesigned website and social media channels, in the meantime rebranded to

Martijn Mulder On The Tracks of 007

Besides the website, Facebook page & Facebook group and Instagram & Twitter accounts, has become a household name in organizing James Bond tours and events around the globe. In 2017, Mulder took 40 fans on a 14‐day tour through Japan, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of You Only Live Twice. In 2019, more than 350 people enjoyed spectacular events in both Portugal and Switzerland, celebrating the 50th anniversary of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Cast & crew members also joined in, including James Bond actor George Lazenby. Next on the agenda is the 50th anniversary of Diamonds Are Forever and plans for celebrations in Amsterdam and Las Vegas are well on schedule.

On The Tracks of 007

The anniversary year 2020 also saw a new publication, which is Mulder’s fourth: James Bond’s GUIDE TO THAILAND, a book co‐written by Thomas Gleitsmann. Earlier publications are ON THE TRACKS OF 007 (2008, co‐written by Dirk Kloosterboer), YOLT50 GUIDE TO JAPAN (2017) and THE MAKING OF OHMSS50 (2019, together with photographer Sascha Braun).

The Making of OHMSS 50 sasha braun martijn mulder george lazenby

“The video magazines are a visual extension of the books,” Mulder explains. “Even though they’re each only seven minutes long, they are made to entertain and inform. I hope people enjoy them as much as I enjoyed myself making them.”

The first episode of ‘7 MINUTES OF BOND LOCATIONS’ premiered on Friday, August 21 2020 at 4pm on YouTube, and focuses on Jamaica.

“The episodes will each deal with different exotic Bond destinations, like India, Thailand, Jamaica, but also deal with locations closer to home, like Black Park and Pinewood Studios. A few will be purely about our history, events & tours and every now and then I chat with a special guest. It will be fun to watch and will bring the exciting world of 007 into your living room, “ Mulder concludes.

Visit the website or YouTube channel.

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