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Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket

Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket in No Time To Die
Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket in No Time To Die
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
photo © STAG
Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket
photo © STAG

photo © Bond Lifestyle
I ordered my Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket at STAG, but they sold out. You can order at Rogue Territory or Uncrate
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
In this promotional photo that was released with the Bollinger Special Cuvée launch, James Bond can be spotted in his full outfit including the Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket (colour Tan) in No Time To Die (2020). The jacket can be spotted in the trailer when Bond gets his Aston Martin V8 Vantage from a garage.

Bond wears the RGT Supply jacket with the point collar a bit upwards.

The jacket is available in a few variations, but the one worn by Bond is the model without lining and with the 4 pockets (one inside pocket, of which the seam on the right chest can JUST be spotted in the trailer).

This Rogue Territory slim fit jacket is available for $295 / £280 at many online stores including the official Rogue Territory website and at men's style website UNCRATE.

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The waxed canvas is a Tan color, made of 10 oz American canvas, which will get better with wear.

The rest of the outfit includes a white Orlebar Brown OB-T shirt in white, blue Naked & Famous jeans and Palladium boots.

The jacket in other films and series

This same model RGT Supply Jacket is also worn in other films and series, see the new article here for an overview.

Rogue Territory Supply Jacket in films and series

Thanks to W and AJB007 for the alert

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How did you pick the size? Did you order your regular size? Could you share your height and chest measurement for reference? I’m 42” chest and Large In most things but unsure about this jacket. Thanks!
Hi Matt, I'm your same exact size, 42" chest and L in most everything. I too am considering ordering this jacket, but I might go for the XL based on all the measurements I've seen. I think these are cut very slim and it's best to size up.
Hi Matt and Brian, Don't know if you've gone ahead and ordered your jackets yet? Mine arrived yesterday - 13th May, ordered from STAG in the U.S. on 27th March. I'M 6' 2" with a 40" chest and 32" waist. I ordered a Medium and it's a snug fit. Not uncomfortable, but snug. So I'd definitely think about Large or Extra Large. One point, if you're UK or Europe based, Rivet and Hide in London stocks the jacket. So you wouldn't have the long wait or have to pay the extra £108 import duty! Just a thought. According to The James Bond Experience Daniel Craig wears an Extra Large but with the waist taken in for a classic Vee shape. The jacket is very straight up and down. Hope some of this helps.
I’m a 38 chest and a medium still felt snug. There’s are slim fitted jackets.
Hi Stephen, Did you decide to stick with the medium, or exchanged for the large?
Hi Royce, Sorry for the delay in replying to your question. I've kept the Medium. It's fairly "stiff" fabric when new, but with wear has softened and loosened up. Looks better after a few wears too. Hope this helps?
Evening, all. Either the collar was replaced on this isn’t the same jacket. From the main image of DC we can see the collar (turned up) is curved. It clearly isn’t when looking at the stock garment. Thoughts?
What brand boots is James Bond wearing in the NTTD garage scene when uncovering the Aston Martin? Are they the Palladium PAMPA BAGGY NUBUCK GAUCHO?
I recently ordered this jacket online from Rivet & Hide. I am 5' 11" with a 38 inch chest and 32 inch waist. I originally ordered a Small but the shop contacted me and recommended a Medium. They were absolutely right, Medium is the perfect size for me.
Just bought the jacket as a belated birthday/early Christmas/congrats on finally getting work after a year and 1/2. I wear a medium, bought a large. Fits PERFECT! The jacket is one of the best purchases I've ever made on clothing. I may need to buy a second one in medium for my son so he can sneaking wearing mine!

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